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Cohort 1 - Spring 2019

Presidential Student Ambassadors are student leaders who exemplify Mountaineer values. They come from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines, yet they are united in their passion to make a positive impact on and for West Virginia University.

  • Hannah Belt

    Why did you choose WVU?

    I chose WVU because I grew up visiting many places throughout West Virginia, and I fell in love with how beautiful the state is. I also immediately felt an overwhelming sense of acceptance every time I visited campus and knew I wasn’t going to get that same feeling at a different school.

  • Emma Blair

    Why did you choose WVU?

    I chose WVU due to the great sense of community and pride I felt as soon as I stepped onto campus. Mountaineers not only look out for their own, but they are always ready to lend a helping hand and serve their community through a number of outlets. WVU's sense of state and school pride is contagious; you can't help but fall in love with the campus and community.

  • Noor Dahshan

    Why did you choose WVU?

    Not only did WVU have competitive and amazing scholarships, it also had the remaining infinity stones that I was looking to acquire during my college years. Pursuing a Biology major while still being able to tap into my other interests has allowed me to build an incredible college experience. I am a senator in our Student Government Association, had the chance to be the president of the Muslim Student Association for two years, and was able to take a weight training class... all while staying on track as a pre-med student. WVU allows me to pave my own path in any direction I choose and offers any resources necessary to overcome obstacles.

  • Timothy Eads

    Why did you choose WVU?

    I chose WVU because of the feeling I got when I first stepped on campus long ago. I just had a feeling that it was where I needed to be.

  • Ashley Eby

    Why did you choose WVU?

    Born and raised in West Virginia, I have always felt a special connection to the struggles faced within my home state, so when I began the college search process, I hoped to find an institution that provided the resources and support to make a true impact within my community. Because WVU is an R1 Research institution that values hard work, service, and academic curiosity, I knew this school would enable me to reach my goals and exceed my expectations. I am thrilled to have chosen WVU, where I am pursuing an education that pushes my intellectual boundaries while simultaneously allowing me to better serve the mountain state.

  • Jordyn Johnson

    Why did you choose WVU?

    In all honesty, WVU was not my first choice when thinking about where I wanted to go to college. However, after learning about all the various academic and extracurricular activities it could provide for me and my college experience, I realized that becoming a Mountaineer was the best choice I could possibly make.

  • Audra Knotts

    Why did you choose WVU?

    I chose WVU because I grew up about forty minutes away from campus. Therefore, I always remember attending sporting events and visiting Morgantown. I fell in love at a very young age and wanted to continue my education at a place that truly felt like a second home.

  • Taylor Miller

    Why did you choose WVU?

    For me, WVU has always felt like home. It wasn't my first choice of schools, as, before I came here, I felt it couldn't give me all the opportunities I wanted from college. Once I came here, though, I discovered it gives me everything I ever wanted and even more I didn't know I needed, as well as the feeling of always being surrounded by family.

  • Shamil Patel

    Why did you choose WVU?

    WVU has always been an outlet to express my pride about my constantly-overlooked and underprivileged state. It is a shining beacon in a state which often struggles economically and socially. WVU also possesses a unique blend of the resources of a top national institution and the culture and atmosphere of a small college, which is perfect fit for me.

  • Abby Sine

    Why did you choose WVU?

    WVU has been part of my life since I can remember. Although my parents didn't go to WVU, I was raised as a WVU sports fan and fell in love with the gold and blue as a little girl. I couldn't imagine choosing any other school.