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Meet the PSAs

Presidential Student Ambassadors are student leaders who exemplify Mountaineer values. They come from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines, yet they are united in their passion to make a positive impact on and for West Virginia University.

[{"name": "College Advice","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Things to Know","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Things to Know - Tutorials and Apps","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Academic Resources","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for a Career Fair","keywords": "Delaney Sedgley","href": ""},{"name": "Student Engagement","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Ways to Stay Healthy","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Podcasts","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Substance Safety and Recovery","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Campus Safety","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Wild & Wonderful West Virginians: Dr. Joseph Maroon","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for College Exams - Online Exams: A Beginner's Guide","keywords": "Cara Thomas","href": ""},{"name": "Dual Credit/AP Courses, Scholarships, Real-World Experiences","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "The Next Four Years Will Change Your Life","keywords": "Maddi Bowers","href": ""},{"name": "Building Professional Relationships","keywords": "Liz Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Maintaining an Active Lifestyle","keywords": "Sam Cyphert","href": ""},{"name": "Undergraduate Minors","keywords": "Morgan Glass","href": ""},{"name": "WVU iServe Tutorial","keywords": "Giana Loretta","href": ""},{"name": "Test Video","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Dear Future Mountaineers","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Gen Z: A Statistical Evaluation","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "Steve Harvey: A Journey through Comedy, Entertainment, and Inspiration","keywords": "Ronalie Abeyratne","href": ""},{"name": "Finding a Roommate","keywords": "Delaney Sedgley","href": ""},{"name": " Relationships in Full Bloom: Cultivating Lasting Connections","keywords": "Bailey Pittman","href": ""},{"name": "Choosing a College","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "Undergraduate Research ","keywords": "Melina McCabe","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Medical Amnesty","keywords": "Marleah Knights","href": ""},{"name": "Keep Up, Think Future, Mental Health","keywords": "Ashley Linder","href": ""},{"name": "Undergraduate Research","keywords": "Lillian Bischof","href": ""},{"name": "LiveSafeApp","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Don't Wait Until It's Too Late","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "Voice of the Mountain State: Denise Giardina & Appalachian Writing","keywords": "Kelsey Clodfelter","href": ""},{"name": "Generation Z","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Deciding Whether to Attend College","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "Planning, Team Studying, Surviving","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "The 2020 Exam Debacle","keywords": "Maddi Bowers","href": ""},{"name": "Advice for Finding Community: Find Your Tribe","keywords": "Liz Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Student Involvement","keywords": "Morgan Glass","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Recovery Resources","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Reserving a Library Room at WVU","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "Understanding Pre-Addiction","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "Become Your Biggest Fan: Promoting Yourself in Gen Z","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "Wonderful West Virginians: Eugene Aserinksy","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Famous West Virginians","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Academics in College: WVU Myths v. Reality Tips","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "What to Pack for College","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "DEI Legislation","keywords": "Marleah Knights","href": ""},{"name": "The Perks of Getting to Know Your Professors","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "Avoiding Burnout","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "Tips for Taking Online Exams","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "How to Spot a Fentanyl Overdose","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Let’s Travel Together!","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "The Life of Award-Winning West Virginia Actress, Jennifer Garner","keywords": "Ella Holley","href": ""},{"name": "Some Simple Tips for a Major Decision","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "Time Management","keywords": "Lillian Bischof","href": ""},{"name": "Title IX","keywords": "Ashley Linder","href": ""},{"name": "It’s OK to Not Be Okay","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "UG Research","keywords": "Piper Cook","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating TicketReturn, WVU Sports' Ticketing System","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "How to Help with and React to Fentanyl Overdoses","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "FundaMENTAL Health ","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "Wonderful West Virginians: Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher ","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "College Myths Debunked","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "How to Select a Minor","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "Embracing Diversity","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Carruth Center ","keywords": "Maddi Bowers","href": ""},{"name": "Community Service","keywords": "Lauren Volk","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating the PRT","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Opioids and Me: What do they do?","keywords": "James Lamp","href": ""},{"name": "Finding Your Purpose After High School ","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "Lawrence Kasdan ","keywords": "Liam Risk","href": ""},{"name": "Organization, Time Management, Preparation","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "Tutoring","keywords": "Melina McCabe","href": ""},{"name": "How to be a Successful Student","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "Benefits of Minorities Association of Pre-Healthcare Students","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "Avoiding the Freshman 15","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "English Secondary Education","keywords": "Lauren Volk","href": ""},{"name": "Respondus Lockdown Browser: What to Expect","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "Look Out for Warning Signs","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "Gen Z Approach to Campus Defense","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "Famous West Virginians in STEM","keywords": "Delaney Sedgley","href": ""},{"name": "Financial Aid, Self-Care, and Course Selection","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Gender Inclusive Language","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Homesickness ","keywords": "Liz Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Healthy Relationships","keywords": "Giana Loretta","href": ""},{"name": "Commuting to WVU-The Park Mobile App","keywords": "Michael Fiala","href": ""},{"name": "Recovering from Opioid Overdose","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "Mindset is Key ","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "John Henry","keywords": "Liza Wan","href": ""},{"name": "Ask Questions, Start Early, Use Resources ","keywords": "Melina McCabe","href": ""},{"name": "Student Government Association","keywords": "Allie Satterfield","href": ""},{"name": "Sane: Stay WellWVU, Calendar, Carruth, Internet, Self-Care","keywords": "Cara Thomas","href": ""},{"name": "Paying for College","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "Food and Dining Services","keywords": "Piper Cook","href": ""},{"name": "How to Access the Services of The Rack: WVU's Student Food Pantry","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "How to Save a Life Using WVU's Medical Amnesty Policy","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "The Emerging Field of Cybersecurity","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "Wonderful West Virginians: Vicky Bullett","keywords": "Avery Conner","href": ""},{"name": "Online Exams: A Beginner’s Guide","keywords": "Cara Thomas","href": ""},{"name": "Physical and Mental Management","keywords": "Callyn Zeigler","href": ""},{"name": "Student Organizations","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "Adventure WV","keywords": "Lauren Volk","href": ""},{"name": "Safety through Statistics","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Get Ready for Game Day! ","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "The Woes of Online Proctoring","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "The One and Only Mothman","keywords": "Isabella Ferrell","href": ""},{"name": "How to Manage a Double Major","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Make Your Major Go Green!","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "Pickin’ & Playin’ for Credit – Appalachian Music at WVU","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "Why Major in Biology?","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "Life Around the WVU Canady Creative Arts Center","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "Exams, Resources, Outdoors, and Carruth Center","keywords": "Melina McCabe","href": ""},{"name": "Connect with Professors, Meet Student Mentors, Maintain Emotional Well-Being","keywords": "Louis Latta","href": ""},{"name": "Army ROTC Scholarships","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Communication Studies","keywords": "Giana Loretta","href": ""},{"name": "Naloxone: a Life Saver","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Claiming Student Tickets for Basketball Games","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "Be Careful. Gen Z’s Problem is Technology","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Making History in West Virginia: Angie Tuner King","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Eberly Writing Studio","keywords": "Lauren Volk","href": ""},{"name": "Yoga as a Form of Self-Care","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "How to Become Involved in SGA","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "Service and iServe at WVU","keywords": "Piper Cook","href": ""},{"name": "What It Means to Go First","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "Not All Stories Get a Happy Ending","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "Setting Up a Personal Calendar","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "Curb Early Semester Stress by Ordering Your Supplies from WVU’s Online Bookstore","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Reaching for the Moon: Katherine Johnson","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "Advice from My Experience with Mental Health","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "Literacy Volunteers of Monongalia and Preston County","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "Study Tips","keywords": "Meg Sorrells","href": ""},{"name": "A Change is Gonna Come!","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "Mental Health and Addiction Studies","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Charting Your Own Path: Gen Z and Multidisciplinary Careers","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "ITS to the Rescue","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "John Chambers: You Know the Name, But Do You Know the Story?","keywords": "Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris","href": ""},{"name": "Data Analytics, the Present and Future of Business","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Reasons to Select the Honors College","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Involved Beyond Joining a Club","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "Finding Purpose and Fulfillment in Volunteering","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Starting Fresh in Fertile Soil","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "Spiked: Not Just Volleyball","keywords": "James Lamp","href": ""},{"name": "Finding your Niche at WVU","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "How to Become the Mountaineer Mascot","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": " A Message About the Mountaineer Maniacs","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "Famous West Virginians: Brad Paisley","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "Honors College Crash Course","keywords": "Jillian Blalir","href": ""},{"name": "Introduction to Statler College","keywords": "Callyn Zeigler","href": ""},{"name": "Welcome to West Virginia University!","keywords": "Melina McCabe","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Honors EXCEL Program","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Benefits of Joining the Student Nursing Association","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "Let's Talk about Talkspace","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "How to Find the College That is Right for You","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Do You Really Need That Drink?","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "Military Career Advancement","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Citation Troubles? Use Zotero!","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "Value of Community Service","keywords": "Meg Sorrells","href": ""},{"name": "WV vs VW: Dan Carder and the Volkswagen Scandal","keywords": "Liam Risk","href": ""},{"name": "Respect and Accountability","keywords": "Cara Thomas","href": ""},{"name": "How to Find Your PR Niche","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "Medical Missions and the Medlife Club","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "Help is Only One Text Away","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "Why It's Important to Tour Colleges","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "Fentanyl Testing Strips: Where to Find Them and How to Use Them","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "How to Utilize Kanopy","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "Student Involvement: Mountaineers go first outside of the classroom!","keywords": "Lillian Bischof","href": ""},{"name": "Daniel Johnston- The greatest songwriter you've never heard","keywords": "Carter Michael Leadmon","href": ""},{"name": "Representing WVU","keywords": "Ashley Linder","href": ""},{"name": "Mental Health and Sleep","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "Religious Engagement at WVU","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "WVU To Do's","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "A Change in the Headlines","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "An Honest Conversation: How to Evaluate Social Media’s Impact on Your Mental Health","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "A Night at the Symphony – Claiming your Student Tickets for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "Rules to Set for Yourself to Reduce Stress ","keywords": "Ronalie Abeyratne","href": ""},{"name": "Famous West Virginians: Hoda Kotb","keywords": "Janie Prunty","href": ""},{"name": "What’s So Special About Dental Hygiene at WVU?","keywords": "George Harris","href": ""},{"name": "Physical Exercise to Improve Mental Health","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "Celebrating Being First Generation","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "Why Notion Should Be Your Primary Organizational Tool","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "Understanding Addiction through Statistics","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "Generation Z and Social Responsibility","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Library’s Research Commons ","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "Restoring Trust in Higher Education","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "West Virginia’s Beloved Treat: The Pepperoni Roll ","keywords": "Erin Skaff","href": ""},{"name": "Pursuing Medical School as a Freshman","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Mindfulness Explained","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "Biomedical Engineering Society WV","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "Falling Down the Rabbit Hole: Alcohol Addiction","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "The Fad of an iPad","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Need to Code? Learn Through O’Reilly!","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "The Pepperoni Roll: A West Virginian Staple","keywords": "Isabella Ferrell","href": ""},{"name": "Nick Saban's West Virginia Roots","keywords": "Brandon Matthew Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "Scholarships, Support, and Passion","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "How Music Brought Us Together During the Pandemic","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "Three Tips to Make Friends","keywords": "Maddi Bowers","href": ""},{"name": "West Virginia's Medical Amnesty: College Edition","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Obesity & Wellness ","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Get Fit with Group Fit – How to Register for Group Fitness Classes","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "Everything Eberly: Breaking Down WVU's Largest College","keywords": "Liam Risk","href": ""},{"name": "Michael Dale Barber's Humble Journey from West Virginia to the NFL","keywords": "Hunner Moore","href": ""},{"name": "Study Abroad","keywords": "Ryan Maiden","href": ""},{"name": "Connecting Yourself to a New World","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "Identifying and Fighting Depression","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "Being a Good Team Member","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "Three R's: Recognize, Remember, and Respond","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "The College Blues","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "Tips on Getting Scholarships as an Undergraduate","keywords": "Liam Risk","href": ""},{"name": "How to Study Abroad at WVU","keywords": "Liza Wan","href": ""},{"name": "From Wheeling to Hollywood: Miss Virginia Fox","keywords": "Bailey Pittman","href": ""},{"name": "What I Gained from My Experience at WVU","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "Academic Tips to Get Through Classes","keywords": "Ashley Linder","href": ""},{"name": "Why Undergraduate Research?","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Academics, Mental Health, & Social Life","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Greek Life at WVU","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Jane's Story","keywords": "Lilah Coe","href": ""},{"name": "The Educational Value of Finance","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating the WVU Bookstore","keywords": "Isabella Ferrell","href": ""},{"name": "Welcome to Fairport, NY: "The Crown Jewel of the Erie Canal"","keywords": "Mackenzie Brolly","href": ""},{"name": "Choosing WVU as a Pre-Medical Student","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Biology Pre-Med Research","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Building a Healthy Day","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "Becoming More Involved within Your Major: Be a TA!","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Collegiate Recovery","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "Writing Emails","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "Circle of Control","keywords": "Victoria (Tori) Alger","href": ""},{"name": "A Perfect College Decision","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "Don’t Overcomplicate, Use Keywords; Create Testing Domain","keywords": "Louis Latta","href": ""},{"name": "Staying Connected to Improve Mental Health","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "Need Help? Ask AeSC!","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "Ending the Generational Issues of Drugs","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Importance of Communication Skills","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "Office Hours 101","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "Why I’m Happy at WVU","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "Tips for Creating Better Flashcards","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "Ways to Reignite Your Happiness","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Get Involved","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "You Might Be a Great Fit For Addiction Studies at WVU","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "What It Means to be an American","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "How to Use Google Calendar","keywords": "Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris","href": ""},{"name": "First-Year Engineering Tutoring Resources","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "WVU - More Than A University","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "Working Hands to Work Your Mind ","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Involved at WVU","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Essential Steps for First Responders Treating Opioid Overdoses","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "A Change of Lens","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "Closed Captioning and Trimming on YouTube ","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "Accounting - The Major Everyone Needs","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? A Place in My Heart","keywords": "Rhy Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "How to Fight Burnout","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "The Importance of Embracing Diversity","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "A Perspective on Substance Addiction","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "Breaking Down Barriers","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "Understanding How to Obtain WVU Football Student Tickets","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU - Research Edition","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU - Exploding with People and Opportunities","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "The Dangers of Fentanyl Poisoning ","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "Get Your Foot in the Door: How to be Ready to Forge Connections!","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "The Gen Z Epidemic","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "Printing on a WVU Printer from a PC","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "From Mountaineer's Daughter to Mountaineer","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Sweat Out the Stress!","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "Signs of Addiction: Physical, Social & Behavioral, Emotional","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "The Start of a Legacy","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Give Reading Another Chance ","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "WVU LiveSafe App","keywords": "Meg Sorrells","href": ""},{"name": "Undergraduate Research - Discovery and Curiosity","keywords": "Morgan Glass","href": ""},{"name": "3 Ways to Make Friends on Campus","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "Resources for Recovery","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Family, Culture, Education","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "Mental Health @ WVU ","keywords": "James Lamp","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating WVU's eCampus","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Combatting Academic Validation","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "How to Get Involved with Research","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "Title IX Resources: A Primer","keywords": "James Lamp","href": ""},{"name": "How to Create a New Student Organization at WVU","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "WVU’s Industrial Engineering Program is a great choice to join.","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "Mountaineers Against Fentanyl","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "How to Add Closed Captions to a YouTube Video","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "AI in Education","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "Finding Off-Campus Housing","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Involved with the Research Apprenticeship Program (RAP)","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "Managing ADHD in College","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "WVU: The Place where I Belong","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "The Carruth Center: WVU’s Counseling and Psychological Services","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Avenues for Advocacy","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Reserving a Study Room at the Library","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Know your Strengths, Improve your Life","keywords": "Avery Conner","href": ""},{"name": "Why Choose Neuroscience as a Major?","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Why You Should Become an Honors Mentor","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Calliope: A Place to Get Published and Get Involved","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "Make Friends, Study Abroad, Document Activities","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for Performances","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "Dealing with Heartbreak in College","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "Couldn’t Say No to Country Roads ","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "What WV’s Political Swap Means","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "101-204: What is VHL?","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "Clifton Strengths: Success Through Self-Awareness","keywords": "Ella Holley","href": ""},{"name": "Why Join an ROTC Program?","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Army ROTC: How and Why to Get Involved","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "Find Your Niche, Find Your Passion, Find Your Style","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Campus Organizations and Why You Should Join Mine - Air Force ROTC","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "Sexual Health Tips to Know Before College","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "It's What You Make of It","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "My TEDxWVU Experience","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "Study, Make Friends, Work Hard ","keywords": "Melina McCabe","href": ""},{"name": "The Power of Gratitude and Being Present","keywords": "Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris","href": ""},{"name": "Keys to Academic Success in College","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "Control What You Can and Live in the Grey","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "WVU: Welcoming, Visioning, and Upstanding","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Being the Difference: Why Joining the Mountaineer Maniacs is Worth It!","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "Staying Safe at WVU ","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "A Virtual Kitchen Assistant: ChatGPT & Meal Planning","keywords": "Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris","href": ""},{"name": "Surviving Roommates","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "Why You Should Consider Joining Air Force ROTC","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Why not WVU?","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "Where to Find Contraception Resources in the Morgantown Community","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "Starting a New Student Organization at WVU","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Becoming a True Mountaineer","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "My First Year Experience at WVU","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "What Next? ","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "Three Things to Know About the Budget Deficit","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Around Morgantown","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "Media Literacy: Tips for Critical Consumption","keywords": "Ella Holley","href": ""},{"name": "Mountaineers are My Kind of People","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "Destressing for December: How to Mentally Prep for Exams","keywords": "James Lamp","href": ""},{"name": "My Sisters and Me! ","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "A Red State That Was Once a Democratic Stronghold","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "How Artificial Intelligence Will Define the Future of Higher Education","keywords": "Brandon Matthew Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "“You know, studies show...”","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Advantages of Therapy Dogs","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "Raise Your Voice: Join the Student Union","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "CliftonStrengths and Me","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "Uncover Your Strengths","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Food for Thought","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating The Rack Student Food Pantry","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "168 Hours: The Choice Is Yours","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Engaging with Discovery - Scientific Seminars on Campus","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "Service Dogs at WVU","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "Diversity Week at WVU","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "Campus Resources - Carruth Center, Career Services Center, testWELL","keywords": "Calllyn Zeigler","href": ""},{"name": "What I Wish My First Kitchen Had From The Start","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "From a Busy Summer to a Busy Semester: Navigating Class Without a Time to Slow Down","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Involved at WVU: A Beginner’s Guide","keywords": "Kelsey Clodfelter","href": ""},{"name": "Libby","keywords": "Ronalie Abeyratne","href": ""},{"name": "Outdoor Recreation of WVU","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Why Summer Research?","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "Zoom V. Face-to-Face","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "What's The Rack?","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "France: Comparative Law and Politics in Strasbourg","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "VoiceThread : The Ultimate Guide","keywords": "Isabella Ferrell","href": ""},{"name": "Country Roads, Take Me Home!","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Get Fit with Intramural Sports ","keywords": "Avery Conner","href": ""},{"name": "iServe for Student Organization Leaders","keywords": "Victoria (Tori) Alger","href": ""},{"name": "Finding a Research Lab","keywords": "Ronalie Abeyratne","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating Around WVU","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Why Everyone Should Have a Local Library Card","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "Becoming a Mountaineer","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Helpful Tips for College Students on a Fitness Journey","keywords": "Ella Holley","href": ""},{"name": "Part of Something Bigger","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "How to Apply for an SGA grant","keywords": "Victoria (Tori) Alger","href": ""},{"name": "Student Transportation Around WVU","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "Discovering New Passions","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "Crafting in College 101!","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Boundary Setting for. Balanced College Lifestyle","keywords": "Ella Holley","href": ""},{"name": "Relax, Refocus, and Reignite","keywords": "Victoria (Tori) Alger","href": ""},{"name": "West Virginia & Adventure WV","keywords": "Ryan Maiden","href": ""},{"name": "Studying Technique: Spaced Repetition","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "Finding My Community - WVU","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Smile!","keywords": "Isabella Ferrell","href": ""},{"name": "Handling Stress in College - Situational/Social Stress","keywords": "Maddi Bowers","href": ""},{"name": "How to Record on PowerPoint","keywords": "Liza Wan","href": ""},{"name": "Breaking: The Daily Athenaeum is Hiring!","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Find Your Cru","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "A Healthy Body Leads to a Healthy Mind","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "How to file your own taxes for FREE!","keywords": "Hnner Moore","href": ""},{"name": "Business Communication Center","keywords": "Cara Thomas","href": ""},{"name": "Honors EXCEL - An Accredited Approach to Passion Projects","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "The Way Back Home to West Virginia ","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "Why TA?","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "Self Care Tips for College Students","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "Career Services Center","keywords": "Louis Latta","href": ""},{"name": "A Day in the Life of a Davis College Student","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "My WVU Experience","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance WV","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "How to Utilize Campus Resources","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "Why You Should Major in Philosophy","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "Making the Best Use of Your College Experience BEFORE College","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "Explore the Student Government Association: Become an Apprentice!","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Mental Health: Deep Breathing Techniques, Meditation, and Yoga","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "How to Kick Start Your College Career","keywords": "Anthony Siler","href": ""},{"name": "Participating in the WVUteach Program as a Davis College Student","keywords": "Michael Fiala","href": ""},{"name": "First Time Living at WVU","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "To be a Mountaineer: The Spirit in WVU Football","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "Mental Reframing and Physical Activity: A Dual Approach to Student Mental Health","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Undergraduate Research","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "Expect the Unexpected, My Personal Experience at WVU","keywords": "Delaney Sedgley","href": ""},{"name": "Maintaining Relationships","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Overcoming Imposter Sydrome","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "Spicing up Study Habits","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "You Are Not a Fraud: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome","keywords": "Avery Conner","href": ""},{"name": "Finding Yourself at WVU ","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for College Exams - Don’t Cram, Use Study Guides, Review Exam","keywords": "Seth Fields","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating Office Hours at WVU","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "The Importance of Leading by Example","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Handling Stress in College - Change Scenery, Exercise, Friends, Carruth Center","keywords": "Seth Fields","href": ""},{"name": "How I take advantage of the Student Recreational Center","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "Housing Selection","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Learning a Foreign Language","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "Caring for Your Mental Health as a Leader","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "Peer Advice: Get Involved!","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "College or Career?","keywords": "Michael Fiala","href": ""},{"name": "How to Stay Focused In and Out of Class","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "Ask for help!","keywords": "Delaney Sedgley","href": ""},{"name": "Coming to College as a Survivor","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "Go Greek!","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "How to Study Like a College Student","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "Calm in the Storm: Best Places to Study on Campus at WVU","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "The Importance of Volunteering","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Let's Get Physical!","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Meet the Center for Black Culture","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "One of These Things is Not Like the Other","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "My 48 Hour Film Project Experience","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "How Can I Help?","keywords": "Michael Fiala","href": ""},{"name": "Debunking University Life","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "The PRT","keywords": "Seth Fields","href": ""},{"name": "Connect with Professors and Mentors; Be Well!","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Being Kind to Yourself While Staying Motivated","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "Student Orgs","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "How to Print a Poster","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Endless Opportunities ","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Optimizing Your Mental Well-Being","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "Building Support Networks","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "Welcome Week, Independence & Community Work","keywords": "Anthony Siler","href": ""},{"name": "Libraries and Student Wellness","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "How to Find Your Dream School","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "When You're in a Funk","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "DSP at WVU: World's Foremost Business Fraternity","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "Welcome to WVU! Mountaineer Values","keywords": "Melina McCabe","href": ""},{"name": "Accessing Library Guides at WVU","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "College Conversations: Change, Challenges, and Community","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Country Roads Took Me Home","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "Beyond the Classroom (Student Organizations, YouTube, Internships)","keywords": "Louis Latta","href": ""},{"name": "Being a Mountaineer and Mountaineer Values","keywords": "Allie Satterfield","href": ""},{"name": "My Experience Double Majoring at WVU","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "Choosing WVU as an In-State Student","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "Spending Time Outdoors and Mental Health","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "Why to Engage With College Professors","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "Feeling More Complete","keywords": "Louis Latta","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for an Academic Conference","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Lifelong Friendships and a Network of Connections","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Managing Stress as a Student","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "My Role as a Student Ambassador for the College of Applied Human Sciences","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "Making Perfect Practice ","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "'Deconstructing a Disordered Culture","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Healthy Gut, Healthy Mind","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Involved on Campus","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "Becoming Well-Rounded Adults","keywords": "Seth Fields","href": ""},{"name": "WVU’s Career Services & Handshake ","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Love at Second Sight","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "Healthy Relationships 101 - Learning to Love Better","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "WVU's Best Kept Secret: The Presidential Student Ambassador Program","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "Reflect on Mountaineer Values","keywords": "Liz Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for My MCAT: Where Should I Begin?","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? The Passion","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Handling Stress in College - Organize, Socialize, Focus on the Present","keywords": "Louis Latta","href": ""},{"name": "Find the Right Organization","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "Welcome to WVU! Discover Your Independence!","keywords": "Callyn Zeigler","href": ""},{"name": "Understanding Your Major Before College Starts! The Catalog","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? A Perfect Fit","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "What is Sleep Hygiene?","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Involved","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "The Meal Plan: Explained","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Adding a Major (or Two!)","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Connecting Yourself to a New World","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "Tips to Improve Mental Health on Campus","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "Your Professors Are Your Support","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "How to Choose a Roommate","keywords": "Piper Cook","href": ""},{"name": "Office Hours are Your Hours!","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "WVU: My Garden for Growth","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "Naturally Improving Mental Health: 5 Tips","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "Student Orgs and Getting involved","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Healthy Study Habits","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Opportunities, People, and Pride","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Handling Homesickness","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "Why You Need to Get Involved in Community Service","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "Tutoring at WVU","keywords": "Victoria Alger","href": ""},{"name": "What I Wish I Knew Before My Freshman Year","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "Work Life Balance","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "Connecting with the WVU Staff","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "Research Across Disciplines: Conducting Research in the Humanities at WVU","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "Financial Aid for Dummies","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "Handling Stress in College - Plan, Take Breaks, Maintain Mental Health","keywords": "Allie Satterfield","href": ""},{"name": "Benefis of HSTA Alumni Association","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "Build Your Schedule!","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? I Knew I Could Call This Place Home","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "Avoiding Crisis Pregnancy Centers ","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "Benefits of Joining the Honors College","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "Time Management: Helpful Strategies and Advice","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "RAP as a Humanities Major","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "Advice to High School Students","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "Breaks, Routine, Work Ahead, Seek Help","keywords": "Anthony Siler","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Baseball Behind the Scenes","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Dorm Packing List Essentials","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? The Experience of a Lifetime","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "Stress Relief Activities while Attending College","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Student Government Association","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "How to Efficiently Apply for Internships","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "What I Wish I Knew Going Into College","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "Study, Get Involved, Maintain Mental Health","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "We Are Each Other's Best Allies: Supporting the WVU LGBTQIA+ Community","keywords": "Ella Holley","href": ""},{"name": "How to Prepare for Medical School at WVU","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Enjoy the Process!","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "Succeed First with Student Success Services","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "Fostering Community Through Mountaineer Meetups","keywords": "Mackenzie Brolly","href": ""},{"name": "A Double Major Dual Degree to Balance Passions","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? A Sense of Community","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for Flu Season","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Using WVU Engage as a Student Organization Leader","keywords": "Mia Hang","href": ""},{"name": "Why You Should Go To WVU","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "Ways to Cope with Stress as a Mountaineer","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "A Tour of the PSA Website","keywords": "Liam Risk","href": ""},{"name": "Searching for a Major: A Davis College Student Perspective ","keywords": "Michael Fiala","href": ""},{"name": "Walking into the World of Research","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Excitement and Exhilaration - Absolutely Extraordinary!","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "Tips for Success During Covid-19","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "SGA Grants for Clubs ","keywords": "Victoria (Tori) Alger","href": ""},{"name": "Getting the Most Out of Your GEF Courses","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "A Mountaineer's Advice to Pre-meds","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "Organize, Leave Your Room, Make Friends","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "Mental Health and Staying Physically Active","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "What's It Like Being in the PSA Program?","keywords": "Ronalie Abeyratne","href": ""},{"name": "Why Management Information Systems?","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Career Related Advice and Experience at WVU","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "Research Colleges, Study, Remember Your Roots","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "Managing Test Anxiety","keywords": "Liza Wan","href": ""},{"name": "Making a Difference the Mountaineer Way","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "Army ROTC Commitment","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Closer to the Heavens","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Just Breathe: Dealing With Your Busy Schedule","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "Goals and Habit Trackers","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "Tips for a ROTC MS1 Cadet","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Dual Credit Courses, Organization, Financial Aid","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating Spring Semester: Beat the Winter Blues","keywords": "Avery Conner","href": ""},{"name": "Study Hard or Study Smart?","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Self-Care, Organization, Try New Things","keywords": "Allie Satterfield","href": ""},{"name": "Managing Mental Health as a College Student","keywords": "Mia Hang","href": ""},{"name": "At Your Fingertips","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "How to Be Successful in School","keywords": "Piper Cook","href": ""},{"name": "Unplanned Encounter","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Addiction is Not a Personal Problem","keywords": "Amaira Palmer","href": ""},{"name": "What is Adventure WV?","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "Beckman Scholars Program ","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "Why Should We be Concerned About Our Health Literacy","keywords": "Amaira Palmer","href": ""},{"name": "How to Get Through Finals","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "Why I Am a Mountaineer","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "The Benefit of a College Companion","keywords": "Erin Skaff","href": ""},{"name": "Where You Can Find a Mentor","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "Pre-Medical Advice","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Why I Recommend WVU","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "How to Change a Life as a Mountaineer","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "Tips for Successful Goal Setting","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "Turning a Dream into a Reality","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "Summer Opportunities - The AGE-ADAR Scholars Program","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "How to Manage your Time as a College Student","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "My West Virginia University Experience","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "How to Get the Most out of Your College Experience","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Academic Resources: Success","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "WVU: The University that Changed My Life","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Resources 'Round Here: The Monongalia County Health Department","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "Finding Your Home Among the Hills","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "A Deeper Look Into WVU Resources","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? A Rewarding and Responsible Decision","keywords": "George Harris","href": ""},{"name": "WVUp All Night","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "How to Plan Your College Courses at WVU","keywords": "Liza Wan","href": ""},{"name": "Why College Shouldn't Scare You: Tips to HS Students About College","keywords": "George Harris","href": ""},{"name": "Keeping West Virginia “Wild and Wonderful”","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "How to Swing Back When You're Falling Behind","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? A Special Place in My Heart","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "Exploring Country Roads","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "Join the Honors College!","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Get Involved: Engage!","keywords": "Victoria (Tori) Alger","href": ""},{"name": "A Minor Change ","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "Why You Should Apply to the Honors College","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "How I Chose WVU","keywords": "Taylor Flowers","href": ""},{"name": "Leaving Your Freshman Year and the Dorms, Where to Next? WVU Apartments","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "Diversifying Your Course Load","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "WVU’s Role in Restoring Opportunity","keywords": "Brandon Matthew Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "Feeling Stuck","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Time Management and the Importance of Keeping a Schedule","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "My WVU Experience","keywords": "Carter Michael Leadmon","href": ""},{"name": "How to Achieve Your Goals","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "Wvu's Impact on Me","keywords": "Hunner Moore","href": ""},{"name": "Leading from the Heart ","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Why I Chose Business Management","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "Why Everyone is a Good Fit for WVU","keywords": "Amaira Palmer","href": ""},{"name": "The Mountaineer State of Mind ","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "Diversifying Your Courseload","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Finding Your Place to Study: My Top 5","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "Top Five Locations to Use Your Dining Dollars in WVU","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for College Exams - The Basics, Test Layout, Clean Workspace","keywords": "Ashley LInder","href": ""},{"name": "State Park Sightseeing","keywords": "Isabella Ferrell","href": ""},{"name": "Bringing Common Sense to Your Social MEdia ","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "Language Requuirements","keywords": "Ryan Maiden","href": ""},{"name": "You Should Always Join the Honors College","keywords": "Victoria (Tori) Alger","href": ""},{"name": "Get to Class! ","keywords": "Lilah Coe","href": ""},{"name": "How to Pick a Major","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "How We Talk to Ourselves Matters","keywords": "Taylor Flowers","href": ""},{"name": "Work Hard, Play Hard ","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "Advice For Final Exams","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "Tips for Avoiding Overcommitment in College - 2","keywords": "Ella Holley","href": ""},{"name": "RAP and SURE Boosting your Academic Profile","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "Cultivating a Growth Mindset","keywords": "Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris","href": ""},{"name": "An Updated Guide to WVU’s Dining Services ","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "I Need Help With Theory - Where to Find Tutors","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "How to Form Chamber Groups","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "Career Outcomes for English Majors","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "The First 18 Hours","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "the Importance of Vision Boards","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "ASPIRE Office","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "Multi-Media Equipment: WVU Libraries","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "What Makes the World Go Round: Passion","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "A Multitude of Campus Resources at WVU","keywords": "Allie Satterfield","href": ""},{"name": "Tips on How to Balance Your College Experience","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for College Exams - Good Notes, Study in Advance, Good Space","keywords": "Allie Satterfield","href": ""},{"name": "Balancing Your College Life","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU Students Should Consider the Unique Educational Experience of an MDS Degree","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Outside in Morgantown: The Best Outdoor Spots for Students","keywords": "Lilah Coe","href": ""},{"name": "Study Smarter…Not Harder","keywords": "Liz Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "How To Manage Your Time Effectively","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "Learning to Work Together","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "Learning About The Resources Available To You","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "ENGAGEment on Campus","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Time Management in College","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "The History Behind Our Traditions","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "Never Worry About a Meal at WVU","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "Self-Confidence and Work Ethic","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "Business Majors, Listen Up!","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "How To Be an Effective Media Mountaineer","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "Avoiding Ticket Scalpers and Scams","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "The Power Breakdown in the Classroom","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for Exams - Study, Honor Code, Environment, Time Management","keywords": "Callyn Zeigler","href": ""},{"name": "Mountains of Tradition","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Exams: Organize, Start Early, Get Help, Find a Balance","keywords": "Anthony Siler","href": ""},{"name": "The History of the PRT","keywords": "Lilah Coe","href": ""},{"name": "Importance of Time Management","keywords": "Sam Cyphert","href": ""},{"name": "Progressing into Project 168","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "60 Days in Charleston","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "Handshake: Creating a Career After Graduation","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "Applied Perseverance with a Presidential Student Ambassador","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Ice Advice for WVU Students","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "ZOOM vs. Face-to-Face","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "WVU IT Services","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "The Heart of West Virginia University","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "Getting the Stats with Statista ","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "My Journey with AdventureWV","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "Using My CliftonStrengths Assessment as a Tool for Success","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "CliftonStrengths – Taking a Closer Look","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Balancing Your Schedule","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "Don't Fuss - Take a Bus!","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Make the Most of Your Study Time: My Top 3 Study Spots Near Downtown Campus","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "Why I Love Working for Adventure WV","keywords": "Liza Wan","href": ""},{"name": "My Freshman Year Experience: Discovering My Passion and Support System","keywords": "Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris","href": ""},{"name": "Keeping Your Eyes and Ears Open ","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "Why Taking the Bus is More Efficient at WVU","keywords": "Ronalie Abeyratne","href": ""},{"name": "Lead Better than the Movies!","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "#VISITWVU","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "Having An Effective Recharge","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "Applications: Where to Start?","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Recreational Center","keywords": "Ronalie Abeyratne","href": ""},{"name": "Making a Plan of Study: Tips, Tools, and Tricks","keywords": "Kelsey Clodfelter","href": ""},{"name": "Weekends in Morgantown","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "The Ultimate Guide to WVU Study Spots","keywords": "Liam Risk","href": ""},{"name": "Participate in Class; Be Kind and Patient","keywords": "Cara Thomas","href": ""},{"name": "Consent: A Primer","keywords": "James Lamp","href": ""},{"name": "Mountaineer Hidden Bucket List (Five Things to Do!)","keywords": "Maddi Bowers","href": ""},{"name": "Exploring Morgantown's Greenspaces","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "Make Time to Explore","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "Discovering Your Passion","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "Outdoor Recreation at WVU","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Organize, Speak Up, Motivate","keywords": "Callyn Zeigler","href": ""},{"name": "The College Kitchen on a Budget","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "So I Bought A Hammock: What Do I Do Now?","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "Organize, Bus APP, PRT, Take Breaks","keywords": "Seth Fields","href": ""},{"name": "Embarking on the Search for Parking","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Tips for the Freshman Year - Planning & Research","keywords": "Seth Fields","href": ""},{"name": "Is Social Media a Friend or Foe of Generation Z?","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Exemplifying Core Mountaineer Values as a WVU Student","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Alleviating Burnout in College","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Creating Something New","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "Day Tips for Those New to WVU","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "Community: What Makes WVU Stand Out","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Looking Ahead: WVU Career Services Center","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "Hints for Eating Healthy on a College Budget","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "How to Vote in West Virginia","keywords": "James Lamp","href": ""},{"name": "Campus Resources - Tutoring","keywords": "Ashley Linder","href": ""},{"name": "What I Wish I Had Known My Freshman Year","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Library's Student Resources","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "Learning to Pivot","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "Affair of the Art","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "An Escape Room","keywords": "Liz Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Leave Your Comfort Zone","keywords": "Anthony Siler","href": ""},{"name": "Tutoring, Professors, Carruth Center","keywords": "Anthony Siler","href": ""},{"name": "College Credit Courses, Activities, Advisors and Teachers","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "A New Student's Travel Guide of WVU","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "The Power of Pronouncing Names","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Outdoor/Recreational Locations for WVU Students to Explore ","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "Degree Pursuance","keywords": "Liam Risk","href": ""},{"name": "Mini Golf Must-Sees","keywords": "Isabella Ferrell","href": ""},{"name": "What Dorm Should I Live In At WVU?","keywords": "Delaney Sedgley","href": ""},{"name": "What is Chinese Lunar New Year?","keywords": "Liza Wan","href": ""},{"name": "How To: Become a Tour Guide at WVU","keywords": "Janie Prunty","href": ""},{"name": "The Value of a College Job","keywords": "Erin Skaff","href": ""},{"name": "Securing an Internship","keywords": "Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris","href": ""},{"name": "Overcoming Gymtimidation: How to Get Started in the Gym","keywords": "Avery Conner","href": ""},{"name": "Honors Contracting a Course at WVU","keywords": "Delaney Sedgley","href": ""},{"name": "The Mountaineer’s Legacy: How the Beloved Mascot Came to Be","keywords": "Mackenzie Brolly","href": ""},{"name": "How To Be A Well Informed Voter","keywords": "Taylor Flowers","href": ""},{"name": "The Key to Off-Campus Living","keywords": "Mia Hang","href": ""},{"name": "Morgantown Parking Guide","keywords": "Carter Michael Leadmon","href": ""},{"name": "How to Find Your Purpose at WVU","keywords": "Janie Prunty","href": ""}]

Cohort 10 - Fall 2023

  • Ronalie Abeyratne


    I grew up in Morgantown. I wanted to save the cost of moving out and living in a dorm so I chose WVU to live with my parents. Since I grew up in Morgantown I had already made a lot connections inside WVU before I even got to college. I got introduced to many opportunities I wanted to pursue before I got to be a freshman. And I already knew the layout of the campus and there was no need to go through the stages of adjustment.

  • Victoria (Tori) Alger


    I chose WVU because I wanted to explore the east coast while attending a school that would provide me with an abundance of opportunities. As a west coast native, I have been able to learn about the diverse Appalachian culture, see the beautiful native plants of the state, and discover all of the exciting possibilities this school has to offer.

  • Reese Allen


    As an R1 Research Institution, WVU is dedicated to supporting academic research and advancements. As a native West Virginian, I recognize that the resources of any university can be leveraged to progress academia and promote personal growth. A diverse community of thought allows for a global collection of culture, experience, and understanding to enrich education, and the deep Appalachian roots support countless opportunities for students to see their potential bloom.

  • Kelsey Clodfelter


    I chose WVU for its vast opportunities and programs. WVU is the only university in the U.S. to offer a degree in Technical Art History. The university also works hard to fund and provide scholarships to make these programs accessible to students like me.

  • Avery Conner


    West Virginia University allowed me the opportunity to pursue a degree in political science while being taught by some of the most phenomenal minds in the state and to connect with other students and community members that love being a Mountaineer. WVU is home to a great number of student organizations and opportunities for involvement, but still maintains a close-knit and community-oriented culture. WVU is a place that can feel like home for anyone and everyone, and it is most definitely mine.

  • Isabella Ferrell


    I chose WVU because it is home. Growing up in Morgantown, WVU has always been part of my life, but I originally considered attending different universities. However, a maybe-not-so-coincidental happening changed my mind. As I was about to visit an out-of-state university, Good Morning America aired a segment highlighting both West Virginia and WVU. It was extremely moving, and I felt a strong sense of belonging to this tight-knit university community that exemplifies what it means to be a West Virginian. At that moment, I knew that WVU would not only provide a personally fulfilling undergraduate experience, but it would also bring me a happiness like no other.

  • Ella Holley


    I love the spirit of the campus and the size of the student body. The university is large enough to provide diverse opportunities and incredible resources yet small enough that you feel valued as a member of the community.

  • Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris


    I chose WVU because I knew it would be my home away from home. Everyone here is so welcoming, supportive, and encouraging. The opportunities for success and limitless - everyone here wants to see you succeed.

  • Liam Risk


    Many generations of my family have attended this university. My grandmother graduated from the first nursing class at WVU, and my grandfather was on the golf team. Some of my earliest memories were games in Milan Puskar. Still, I initially had some reservations about attending WVU. What resonated the most with me was the universities missions to provide education and resources for a state that I have been lucky enough to call home. WVU provides me with a unique opportunity not only to display my own capabilities but also to use that to give back to the communities which raised me and my family. Furthermore, being selected for such a great scholarship made me know that there were people here who actively wanted to have me on campus and not somewhere else.

  • Delaney Sedgley


    I chose WVU because the first time I visited campus, I could see myself here. When I did my research, I got to see all the amazing opportunities and resources WVU has to offer. I knew that this would be a place where I would succeed.

  • Liza Wan


    I had my eyes set on WVU after I attended a summer camp called “Appalachian GeoSTEM” camp during high school. The program was run jointly by the United States Geological Survey and Adventure WV. The program brought my attention to WVU’s wonderful outdoor activities, and I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of Adventure WV. Now, as an Adventure WV First-Year-Trip leader, I can educate and help other students become passionate about the Morgantown area and other parts of the state! As a Morgantown native, I was further propelled to choose WVU in my senior year of high school, when I took on-campus classes through WVU’s HS ACCESS program. After taking Sociology 101 and Art History 101, I knew WVU was the right choice for me. I’m someone who gets easily distracted in class, yet, I found myself glued to the seat during lectures. The professors at WVU are passionate and exemplary in their respective fields.