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Dr. Atkins and the PSA students of cohort 8 standing in front of Stewart HallDr. Carolyn Atkins and the PSA students of Cohort 8

Front Row:  Laasya Chennuru, Lilah Coe, Dr. Carolyn Atkins, Azeem Khan, Thomas Williams 

Second Row:  Isaac McCartney, Connor LaBombar, Zachary Ellis, Mary Roush, Justin Riggs, Robert Mente

President Gee tells Cohort 6 about the history of Stewart Hall.

LEARNING ABOUT STEWART HALL:  President Gee tells Cohort 6 about the history of Stewart Hall after taking the PSAs on a tour of his office (highight: the bowtie collection!).


C6 meets with Gee

MEETING WITH THE PRESIDENT:  Cohort 6 meets in the President's Conference Room, Stewart Hall, with President Gee, and discusses plans for the first PSA Summit to be held in spring 2022.

Hail WV! Fiala, Kinsey, Blair

HAIL WV! Michael Fiala, Caitlyn Kinsey, and Jillian Blair (all Cohort 6) volunteer to assist with the Hail WV events sponsored by the WVU Alumni Association.  At several pre-game events held at the WVU Alumni Center, they guided guests, answered questions, and shared their experiences about being WVU students.

Gee-C4 and 5 n Stewart Hall

LEARNING ABOUT THE HISTORY OF STEWART HALL: President Gee talks about Stewart Hall, the original WVU Library, with PSAs in Cohorts 4 and 5. Listening are Robert Gianniny, Davis Funk, Devin Price, Matthew Hudson, Katilyn Hepler, Aubrey Cumberledge, Kayley Brinegar, Gabe Tobias, Carson Neiswender, Randy McFarland, Isaac Price, and Grant DuVall.

Parade-Machinga and Benyola

HOMECOMING PARADE: In addition to carrying the banner, Cohort 6 PSAs, Alexandra Benyola and Zachary Machinga, accompanied the 2021 Homecoming and Alumni Service Award Winners throughout the parade on October 1, 2021. 

Kinsey and Blair 2

HARDESTY FESTIVAL OF IDEAS: Cohort 6 PSAs, Caitlyn Kinsey and Jillian Blair, assisted with the Hardesty Festival of Ideas at Ming Hsieh Hall on September 30.  They had the opportunity to meet the guest speaker, Dr. Eddie Glaude, Jr., who presented “Lessons from the Later Dr. King.”

Eby, Atkins, Hudson

WVU FOUNDATION VIDEO ABOUT THE PSA PROGRAM:  Ashley Eby (Cohort 1) and Matthew Hudson (Cohort 5) join Dr. Carolyn Atkins at Blaney House in July 2021 to film a WVU Foundation video about the Presidential Student Ambassadors program.

C6-Outside AH-masked

COHORT 6 CLASS PHOTO:  At the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester, Cohort 6 takes a group picture outside after class.  Even masked, it is great to meet in person. (Michael Fiala, Camila Romero, Jacob Payne, Zachary Machinga, Olivia Dowler, Alexandra Benyola, Caitlyn Kinsey, Jillian Blair, Emma LaBombard, Michael DiBacco, Dr. Carolyn Atkins)

Cohort 6-Tennis Ball

ADVENTURE WV HELPS THE PSAs BECOME A TEAM: Each semester, Adventure WV involves the PSAs in team building exercises.  In this photo, each of the ten PSAs in Cohort 6 holds a string balancing a tennis ball as they successfully place it on top of the base without dropping it.

Cohort 5-Lair Plaza

COHORT 5 FINALLY MEETS F2F FOR A GROUP PHOTO! Cohort 5 (Kayley Brinegar, Davis Funk, Katilyn Hepler, Matthew Hudson, Aubrey Cumberledge, George Harris, Rushik Patel, Carson Neiswender, and Gabriel Tobias) meet in person for the first time at the Lair Plaza...socially distanced and the end of the spring 2021 semester.

C4-Lair Plaza

COHORT 4 FINALLY MEETS F2F FOR A GROUP PHOTO! After two semesters of zooming, Cohort 4 (Randy McFarland, Isaac Price, Sarah Zanabli, Lowell Parascandola, Rhy Weithe, Ateria Walker, Jordan Pugh, Grant DuVall, and Jude Platz) meet in person for the first time at the Lair Plaza...socially distanced and the end of the spring 2021 semester.

McCabe 211

UNITED WAY 211 AND THE PSAs. Even though the spring 2020 semester ended online due to the pandemic, Melina McCabe (Cohort 3) and other PSAs managed to post United Way posters in their hometowns.

PSA promoting 211

Cohorts 2 and 3 were prepared to post United Way's 211 posters throughout campus buildings when WVU transitioned to online in March 2020.  Cohort 6, the first class to meet face-to-face since that time, will continue with the project in the fall 2021 semester.

Fields and Bowers-AdvWV

PSA COHORT 3 AND ADVENTURE WV:  Cohort 3 begins the spring 2020 semester with a team-building Adventure WV activity. It would be the last "normal" semester beginning until the Fall
2021 semester.


A REFLECTION ON LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE: President Gordon Gee listens as WVU Foundation Scholar, Piper Cook (Cohort 2), reflects on her leadership and service journey at the conclusion of the fall 2019 semester.

C2-Final Presentation-PCR

FINAL PSA PRESENTATION: Speaker Meg Sorrells (Cohort 2) solicits audience participation in her reflection on leadership and service in the President's Conference Room in Stewart Hall.

Taylor, Blair, Johnson, Atkins

SPEAKING TO STUDENT AT SUNCREST MIDDLE SCHOOL:  Taylor Miller, Emma Blair, Jordyn Johnson (all Cohort 1), and Dr. Carolyn Atkins discuss the importance of a college education at Suncrest Middle School.

Blair, Knotts, Dashan, Sine, Atkins

SPEAKING TO STUDENT AT SUNCREST MIDDLE SCHOOL:  Hannah Belt, Audra Knotts, Noor Dahshan, and Abby Sine (all Cohort 1) and Dr. Carolyn Atkins speak to at a middle school about obtaining a college degree.