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PSA Summit III - "R" You Listening?


Summit III Group

The fall 2023 semester at West Virginia University, as well as numerous other public institutions, was like no other. According to (12.8.23), that semester marked the first increase in college enrollment since pre-pandemic times. Unfortunately, the number of first-year students decreased. Additionally, many higher education institutions were forced to cut programs and faculty because of budget issues. In some cases, those affected – students and faculty - voiced their concerns by protesting, demonstrating, and attempting to rally support from legislators. Added to an already tumultuous situation was the advancement of artificial intelligence which resulted in the necessity to regulate and teach proper use.

The Premise Document, originally written by PSA Michael DiBacco (Cohort 6, Class of 2023), provided the foundation behind the Presidential Student Ambassador Summits, the all-encompassing theme being “R” You Listening?

While Summit I in 2022 and Summit II in 2023 focused on pandemic-related concerns – i.e., Recruitment, Retention, and Reinvigoration – Summit III introduced three new themes. They included (1) Restoring Trust in Higher Education, (2) Reinforcing Student Voice, and (3) Reimagining Higher Education with Artificial Intelligence.
Summit Logo
The two objectives of Summit III were:

(1)  To discuss the status of WVU regarding restoring trust in higher education, reinforcing student voice, and reimagining higher education with artificial intelligence 

(2)  To offer suggestions regarding how WVU can restore trust in the institution, reinforce student voice, and reimagine our present courses of study with the impact of artificial intelligence

Almost 60 faculty, staff, students, and administrators participated in Summit III.  Emma Adams, PSA Council Co-Chair, created the Summit logo. PSAs who planned and co-chaired the focus groups included Avery Conner, Gabby Frazier, Ella Holley, Carter Leadmon, Tori Alger, and Liam Risk, Jillian Blair, and Robert Mente.