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Background Image for Hero: PSA students interacting with President Gee

Fostering an everlasting spirit of service and leadership

Presidential Student Ambassadors are student leaders who exemplify Mountaineer values. They come from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines, yet they are united in their passion to make a positive impact on and for West Virginia University.

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To promote the values and ideals of West Virginia University by cultivating a campus environment rooted in leadership, service, inclusivity, and academic excellence.


To foster an undeniable and everlasting spirit of service and leadership among West Virginia University students and to share their Mountaineer passion and pride with others.

President Gee poses with Presidential Student Ambassadors of 2018

About the Presidential Student Ambassadors (PSAs)

Freshmen and sophomore students are nominated and apply to become PSAs.  Only ten are selected each semester. Students who are not nominated may apply but must have letters of reference from two WVU professors.

PSAs work closely with WVU Student Engagement and Leadership and WVU Center for Service and Learning

Our Cohorts in action

During the unprecedented pandemic semester of Spring 2020, the PSAs developed three videos to share with patients at Ruby Memorial Hospital. This video inspires through the use of motivational quotations.

President Gordon Gee and Dr. Carolyn Atkins with PSA Cohort 2 Students

PSAs in Cohort 2 become Certified Student Leaders awarded by WVU Student Engagement and Leadership (SEL).

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About the Program

Cultivating Leaders: the PSA program creates life long advocates for WVU

Learn about the the Presidential Student Ambassadors program as perceived by Ashley Eby and Matthew Hudson in Cultivating Leaders: Presidential Student Ambassador program creates life long advocates for WVU.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT | Other Student Profiles

sPa student Layla at Stewart Hall

Laya Chennuru

Why did you choose WVU?

I was captivated by the welcoming nature everyone at this university displayed. I felt that WVU had an unparalleled inclusive environment in which I had unsurmountable support from my peers and faculty to pursue my passions at my discretion. The student-led organizations, academics, and social presence made me excited to explore opportunities inside and outside the classroom while meeting a plethora of new individuals along the way.

Read Laya Chennuru's Full Bio

Speakers Bureau

Presidential Student Ambassadors excel at public speaking, whether to talk about their experience at WVU or to inspire other Mountaineers.

Noor Dahshan speaking at Suncrest Middle School

Noor Dahshan

Noor Dahshan explains college class schedules to Suncrest Middle School students

Ashley Eby Irvin speaking at Stewart Society

Ashley Eby

Ashley Eby shares her decision to select West Virginia University over an Ivy League school at the Irvin Stewart Society luncheon at Blaney House.

Melissa Workman introduces Giana Loretta, Meg Sorrells, Adam Stilley, and Ryan Maiden as they prepare to read stories to children at the WVU Nursery School.

PSA Students

Melissa Workman introduces Giana Loretta, Meg Sorrells, Adam Stilley,   and Ryan Maiden as they prepare to read stories to children at the WVU  Nursery School.

Timmy Eads reflects on leadership and service.

Timmy Eads

Mountaineer Mascot (2019-20) Timmy Eads reflects on the development of his leadership and service at WVU.

During the pandemic semesters in 2020, the PSAs began recording their speeches. See PSAs from the PSAs.

Patel, Glass, Knights
Shamil Patel, Morgan Glass, and Marleah Knights participate in Distinguished Scholars Day at the Erickson Alumni Center.
Maiden, Blair, Glass
Ryan Maiden, Emma Blair, and Morgan Glass engage with WVU students enrolled in the First-Year Seminar.
 President Gordon Gee and Dr. Carolyn Atkins with Ashley Eby and Shamil Patel at the Irvin Stewart Society luncheon at Blaney House.

 Mountaineer mascot Timmy Eads and Dr. Carolyn Atkins speak to the Board of Governors at Erickson Alumni Center.
Cyphert, Bischof, Cook, Volk
Samuel Cyphert, Lauren Bischof, Piper Cook, and Lauren Volk speak to middle school students about the value of a college education.
Presidential Student Ambassadors
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