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Cohort 7 - Spring 2022

Presidential Student Ambassadors are student leaders who exemplify Mountaineer values. They come from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines, yet they are united in their passion to make a positive impact on and for West Virginia University.

  • Emma Adams

    Why did you choose WVU?

    In complete honesty, WVU was not on my radar at all when I initially began my college search. That being said, the more I learned about the school and what it would offer me as a student, the more quickly it rose to the top of my list. Some individuals hear about the institution’s reputation as a “party school” and immediately form judgments based solely off of that, but the label truly is a misconception. After attending my first open house, I learned that WVU’s statistics for getting students into veterinary school are well above the national average. It is an R1 institution, has a remarkable honors college, and was the most affordable option—all of which were important elements for me. However, what sealed the deal was the people I met each time I visited. Everyone was so passionate and friendly that I really just felt like I belonged.

  • Max Bingman

    Why did you choose WVU?

    Being from a small town, a bigger university never appealed to me. Often speaking to friends who attended larger schools, they always made it seem as if they felt insignificant. After I visited WVU I realized the amount of effort put into every student, whether it be special events for the students, faculty who happily offer assistance, or the willingness to embrace one another at sporting events. I knew WVU would offer the larger university opportunities while still being treated like family.

  • Sophia Flower

    Why did you choose WVU?

    I grew up less than 30 minutes away from Morgantown, so WVU was a large part of my childhood. From a young age I attended football and basketball games, but upon touring WVU, I discovered a side of the school that I had never seen before. There is so much more to WVU than meets the eye, and I knew that I could find my place here. There is truly something for everyone at WVU, and I quickly found my people, my niche, and my home here. WVU could offer me so many diverse and unique experiences that I could not get anywhere else. I am so thankful to have found my home at WVU.

  • Elijah Jones

    Why did you choose WVU?

    While applying to colleges my senior year of high school, West Virginia was the only school that really showed that it offered the opportunity that I was looking for without an over expensive price tag. On top of that my family has lived in West Virginia since before it was established as a state in 1876. It’s home, and it always will be.

  • James Lamp

    Why did you choose WVU?

    I chose WVU for a variety of reasons. For one, as a proud West Virginian, I wanted to be somewhere that is active in my community and will help me to further West Virginia’s beauty in both its people and surroundings. When I started applying to colleges, one of my main needs was a neuroscience major. With WVU recently establishing a program, I knew that it was almost destined that I come to Morgantown. With both of these together, I know that WVU has and will continue to empower me for years to come against the mental health and drug addiction problems that West Virginia faces today. Let’s Go!

  • Emily Mago

    Why did you choose WVU?

    I chose WVU because the moment I stepped on campus I immediately felt at home. All of the students, faculty, and staff that I have had the honor of meeting have all been extremely welcoming. WVU has a strong sense of pride which makes everyone feel like they are part of the mountaineer family!

  • Alex Pfeffer

    Why did you choose WVU?

    "I came to WVU originally for its amazing forensics program. But upon arrival, I immediately felt the WVU atmosphere and pride that comes with being a mountaineer. Being from Massachusetts, I was not familiar with WVU beyond what I found online and a tour. My time here has shown me the beauty of West Virginia and Morgantown itself. The community makes a huge college feel small and has shown me how we all support each other. Since my first semester, I have changed major's and thought about changing college's because of the major change. But even though I came for academics, I stayed here for the community, I stayed here to be a true mountaineer."

  • Jenna Sergent

    Why did you choose WVU?

    I chose WVU because it was just the right distance away from home while still feeling exactly like being home. Spending most of my life living in WV, I grew grateful for the beauty and the community the state has to offer and it was hard to think about leaving. I had toured other colleges before ours and I didn’t feel as comfortable or as welcomed as I did when I stepped onto our campus. Even though my heart was set on going out of state for college, I had a gut feeling that this was the right place for me. I knew that if I attended WVU, I would still be immersed in both the environment I was comfortable with and a challenging, unfamiliar one where I had the opportunity to grow and shape my identity. The affordability of going to an in-state college was also a huge factor in my decision process. Because I’ve had to worry a bit less about funding my education here rather than an out-of-state school, I’ve had so much more opportunity to be more involved in the campus community and explore in the things I’m passionate about.

  • Lauren Sexton

    Why did you choose WVU?

    WVU, like President Gee says, is a “Goldilocks” sized university. It’s not too big or too small. It’s just right. When I was trying to decide where I would go to college, I thought that WVU was small enough that I didn’t feel like I would get lost in the crowd at WVU, but WVU also seemed big enough to provide lots of great opportunities that a small school could not deliver. WVU allows me to study two very different subjects, science and music, at the same time. WVU also has R-1 Research status, and I wanted to find a school in which I could participate in research. The other main reason I chose WVU is that my family has history at WVU. Both of my parents studied at WVU, and my sister, Liz, also chose to go to WVU. WVU felt like home to me, and I am thankful to have the opportunity to learn at WVU.

  • Alexandra Watson

    Why did you choose WVU?

    Growing up in Morgantown I was exposed to several unique opportunities that are not available to most children. With a large, research focused land-grant institution in my back yard, I had the privilege of participating in numerous research projects, community programs, and outreach opportunities that were run by faculty and staff from the University. Through WVU, I was able to travel to Mexico to help empower and teach leadership to young Mexican females; travel to Honduras on a medical mission; be exposed to world class athletes and athletic facilities; attend inspiring lectures; and take courses that sparked my love for learning. After picking a major and realizing that the best program in the world for what I wanted to study existed at WVU, my decision was almost made for me, and I knew that I would continue to call Morgantown and WVU home.