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Substance Safety and Recovery

  • Produced with the Mountaineer Fentanyl Education Task Force, these videos teach about the synthetic opioid Fentanyl and resources available to fight back against this deadly drug.


  • Podcasts on topics ranging from research and academic opportunities at WVU to building healthy relationships.
Gen Z PSAs

Gen Z

  • Insights from the next generation.
Jennifer Garner

Famous West Virginians

  • Honoring some of our best and brightest!
[{"name": "College Advice","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Things to Know","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Things to Know - Tutorials and Apps","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Academic Resources","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for a Career Fair","keywords": "Delaney Sedgley","href": ""},{"name": "Student Engagement","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Ways to Stay Healthy","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Podcasts","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Substance Safety and Recovery","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Campus Safety","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Wild & Wonderful West Virginians: Dr. Joseph Maroon","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for College Exams - Online Exams: A Beginner's Guide","keywords": "Cara Thomas","href": ""},{"name": "Dual Credit/AP Courses, Scholarships, Real-World Experiences","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "The Next Four Years Will Change Your Life","keywords": "Maddi Bowers","href": ""},{"name": "Building Professional Relationships","keywords": "Liz Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Maintaining an Active Lifestyle","keywords": "Sam Cyphert","href": ""},{"name": "Undergraduate Minors","keywords": "Morgan Glass","href": ""},{"name": "WVU iServe Tutorial","keywords": "Giana Loretta","href": ""},{"name": "Test Video","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Dear Future Mountaineers","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Gen Z: A Statistical Evaluation","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "Steve Harvey: A Journey through Comedy, Entertainment, and Inspiration","keywords": "Ronalie Abeyratne","href": ""},{"name": "Finding a Roommate","keywords": "Delaney Sedgley","href": ""},{"name": " Relationships in Full Bloom: Cultivating Lasting Connections","keywords": "Bailey Pittman","href": ""},{"name": "Choosing a College","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "Undergraduate Research ","keywords": "Melina McCabe","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Medical Amnesty","keywords": "Marleah Knights","href": ""},{"name": "Keep Up, Think Future, Mental Health","keywords": "Ashley Linder","href": ""},{"name": "Undergraduate Research","keywords": "Lillian Bischof","href": ""},{"name": "LiveSafeApp","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Don't Wait Until It's Too Late","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "Voice of the Mountain State: Denise Giardina & Appalachian Writing","keywords": "Kelsey Clodfelter","href": ""},{"name": "Generation Z","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Deciding Whether to Attend College","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "Planning, Team Studying, Surviving","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "The 2020 Exam Debacle","keywords": "Maddi Bowers","href": ""},{"name": "Advice for Finding Community: Find Your Tribe","keywords": "Liz Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Student Involvement","keywords": "Morgan Glass","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Recovery Resources","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Reserving a Library Room at WVU","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "Understanding Pre-Addiction","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "Become Your Biggest Fan: Promoting Yourself in Gen Z","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "Wonderful West Virginians: Eugene Aserinksy","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Famous West Virginians","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Academics in College: WVU Myths v. Reality Tips","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "What to Pack for College","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "DEI Legislation","keywords": "Marleah Knights","href": ""},{"name": "The Perks of Getting to Know Your Professors","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "Avoiding Burnout","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "Tips for Taking Online Exams","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "How to Spot a Fentanyl Overdose","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Let’s Travel Together!","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "The Life of Award-Winning West Virginia Actress, Jennifer Garner","keywords": "Ella Holley","href": ""},{"name": "Some Simple Tips for a Major Decision","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "Time Management","keywords": "Lillian Bischof","href": ""},{"name": "Title IX","keywords": "Ashley Linder","href": ""},{"name": "It’s OK to Not Be Okay","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "UG Research","keywords": "Piper Cook","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating TicketReturn, WVU Sports' Ticketing System","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "How to Help with and React to Fentanyl Overdoses","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "FundaMENTAL Health ","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "Wonderful West Virginians: Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher ","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "College Myths Debunked","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "How to Select a Minor","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "Embracing Diversity","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Carruth Center ","keywords": "Maddi Bowers","href": ""},{"name": "Community Service","keywords": "Lauren Volk","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating the PRT","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Opioids and Me: What do they do?","keywords": "James Lamp","href": ""},{"name": "Finding Your Purpose After High School ","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "Lawrence Kasdan ","keywords": "Liam Risk","href": ""},{"name": "Organization, Time Management, Preparation","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "Tutoring","keywords": "Melina McCabe","href": ""},{"name": "How to be a Successful Student","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "Benefits of Minorities Association of Pre-Healthcare Students","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "Avoiding the Freshman 15","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "English Secondary Education","keywords": "Lauren Volk","href": ""},{"name": "Respondus Lockdown Browser: What to Expect","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "Look Out for Warning Signs","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "Gen Z Approach to Campus Defense","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "Famous West Virginians in STEM","keywords": "Delaney Sedgley","href": ""},{"name": "Financial Aid, Self-Care, and Course Selection","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Gender Inclusive Language","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Homesickness ","keywords": "Liz Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Healthy Relationships","keywords": "Giana Loretta","href": ""},{"name": "Commuting to WVU-The Park Mobile App","keywords": "Michael Fiala","href": ""},{"name": "Recovering from Opioid Overdose","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "Mindset is Key ","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "John Henry","keywords": "Liza Wan","href": ""},{"name": "Ask Questions, Start Early, Use Resources ","keywords": "Melina McCabe","href": ""},{"name": "Student Government Association","keywords": "Allie Satterfield","href": ""},{"name": "Sane: Stay WellWVU, Calendar, Carruth, Internet, Self-Care","keywords": "Cara Thomas","href": ""},{"name": "Paying for College","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "Food and Dining Services","keywords": "Piper Cook","href": ""},{"name": "How to Access the Services of The Rack: WVU's Student Food Pantry","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "How to Save a Life Using WVU's Medical Amnesty Policy","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "The Emerging Field of Cybersecurity","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "Wonderful West Virginians: Vicky Bullett","keywords": "Avery Conner","href": ""},{"name": "Online Exams: A Beginner’s Guide","keywords": "Cara Thomas","href": ""},{"name": "Physical and Mental Management","keywords": "Callyn Zeigler","href": ""},{"name": "Student Organizations","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "Adventure WV","keywords": "Lauren Volk","href": ""},{"name": "Safety through Statistics","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Get Ready for Game Day! ","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "The Woes of Online Proctoring","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "The One and Only Mothman","keywords": "Isabella Ferrell","href": ""},{"name": "How to Manage a Double Major","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Make Your Major Go Green!","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "Pickin’ & Playin’ for Credit – Appalachian Music at WVU","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "Why Major in Biology?","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "Life Around the WVU Canady Creative Arts Center","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "Exams, Resources, Outdoors, and Carruth Center","keywords": "Melina McCabe","href": ""},{"name": "Connect with Professors, Meet Student Mentors, Maintain Emotional Well-Being","keywords": "Louis Latta","href": ""},{"name": "Army ROTC Scholarships","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Communication Studies","keywords": "Giana Loretta","href": ""},{"name": "Naloxone: a Life Saver","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Claiming Student Tickets for Basketball Games","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "Be Careful. Gen Z’s Problem is Technology","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Making History in West Virginia: Angie Tuner King","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Eberly Writing Studio","keywords": "Lauren Volk","href": ""},{"name": "Yoga as a Form of Self-Care","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "How to Become Involved in SGA","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "Service and iServe at WVU","keywords": "Piper Cook","href": ""},{"name": "What It Means to Go First","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "Not All Stories Get a Happy Ending","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "Setting Up a Personal Calendar","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "Curb Early Semester Stress by Ordering Your Supplies from WVU’s Online Bookstore","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Reaching for the Moon: Katherine Johnson","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "Advice from My Experience with Mental Health","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "Literacy Volunteers of Monongalia and Preston County","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "Study Tips","keywords": "Meg Sorrells","href": ""},{"name": "A Change is Gonna Come!","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "Mental Health and Addiction Studies","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Charting Your Own Path: Gen Z and Multidisciplinary Careers","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "ITS to the Rescue","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "John Chambers: You Know the Name, But Do You Know the Story?","keywords": "Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris","href": ""},{"name": "Data Analytics, the Present and Future of Business","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Reasons to Select the Honors College","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Involved Beyond Joining a Club","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "Finding Purpose and Fulfillment in Volunteering","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Starting Fresh in Fertile Soil","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "Spiked: Not Just Volleyball","keywords": "James Lamp","href": ""},{"name": "Finding your Niche at WVU","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "How to Become the Mountaineer Mascot","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": " A Message About the Mountaineer Maniacs","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "Famous West Virginians: Brad Paisley","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "Honors College Crash Course","keywords": "Jillian Blalir","href": ""},{"name": "Introduction to Statler College","keywords": "Callyn Zeigler","href": ""},{"name": "Welcome to West Virginia University!","keywords": "Melina McCabe","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Honors EXCEL Program","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Benefits of Joining the Student Nursing Association","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "Let's Talk about Talkspace","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "How to Find the College That is Right for You","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Do You Really Need That Drink?","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "Military Career Advancement","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Citation Troubles? Use Zotero!","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "Value of Community Service","keywords": "Meg Sorrells","href": ""},{"name": "WV vs VW: Dan Carder and the Volkswagen Scandal","keywords": "Liam Risk","href": ""},{"name": "Respect and Accountability","keywords": "Cara Thomas","href": ""},{"name": "How to Find Your PR Niche","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "Medical Missions and the Medlife Club","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "Help is Only One Text Away","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "Why It's Important to Tour Colleges","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "Fentanyl Testing Strips: Where to Find Them and How to Use Them","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "How to Utilize Kanopy","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "Student Involvement: Mountaineers go first outside of the classroom!","keywords": "Lillian Bischof","href": ""},{"name": "Daniel Johnston- The greatest songwriter you've never heard","keywords": "Carter Michael Leadmon","href": ""},{"name": "Representing WVU","keywords": "Ashley Linder","href": ""},{"name": "Mental Health and Sleep","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "Religious Engagement at WVU","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "WVU To Do's","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "A Change in the Headlines","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "An Honest Conversation: How to Evaluate Social Media’s Impact on Your Mental Health","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "A Night at the Symphony – Claiming your Student Tickets for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "Rules to Set for Yourself to Reduce Stress ","keywords": "Ronalie Abeyratne","href": ""},{"name": "Famous West Virginians: Hoda Kotb","keywords": "Janie Prunty","href": ""},{"name": "What’s So Special About Dental Hygiene at WVU?","keywords": "George Harris","href": ""},{"name": "Physical Exercise to Improve Mental Health","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "Celebrating Being First Generation","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "Why Notion Should Be Your Primary Organizational Tool","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "Understanding Addiction through Statistics","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "Generation Z and Social Responsibility","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Library’s Research Commons ","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "Restoring Trust in Higher Education","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "West Virginia’s Beloved Treat: The Pepperoni Roll ","keywords": "Erin Skaff","href": ""},{"name": "Pursuing Medical School as a Freshman","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Mindfulness Explained","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "Biomedical Engineering Society WV","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "Falling Down the Rabbit Hole: Alcohol Addiction","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "The Fad of an iPad","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Need to Code? Learn Through O’Reilly!","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "The Pepperoni Roll: A West Virginian Staple","keywords": "Isabella Ferrell","href": ""},{"name": "Nick Saban's West Virginia Roots","keywords": "Brandon Matthew Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "Scholarships, Support, and Passion","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "How Music Brought Us Together During the Pandemic","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "Three Tips to Make Friends","keywords": "Maddi Bowers","href": ""},{"name": "West Virginia's Medical Amnesty: College Edition","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Obesity & Wellness ","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Get Fit with Group Fit – How to Register for Group Fitness Classes","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "Everything Eberly: Breaking Down WVU's Largest College","keywords": "Liam Risk","href": ""},{"name": "Michael Dale Barber's Humble Journey from West Virginia to the NFL","keywords": "Hunner Moore","href": ""},{"name": "Study Abroad","keywords": "Ryan Maiden","href": ""},{"name": "Connecting Yourself to a New World","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "Identifying and Fighting Depression","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "Being a Good Team Member","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "Three R's: Recognize, Remember, and Respond","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "The College Blues","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "Tips on Getting Scholarships as an Undergraduate","keywords": "Liam Risk","href": ""},{"name": "How to Study Abroad at WVU","keywords": "Liza Wan","href": ""},{"name": "From Wheeling to Hollywood: Miss Virginia Fox","keywords": "Bailey Pittman","href": ""},{"name": "What I Gained from My Experience at WVU","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "Academic Tips to Get Through Classes","keywords": "Ashley Linder","href": ""},{"name": "Why Undergraduate Research?","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Academics, Mental Health, & Social Life","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Greek Life at WVU","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Jane's Story","keywords": "Lilah Coe","href": ""},{"name": "The Educational Value of Finance","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating the WVU Bookstore","keywords": "Isabella Ferrell","href": ""},{"name": "Welcome to Fairport, NY: "The Crown Jewel of the Erie Canal"","keywords": "Mackenzie Brolly","href": ""},{"name": "Choosing WVU as a Pre-Medical Student","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Biology Pre-Med Research","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Building a Healthy Day","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "Becoming More Involved within Your Major: Be a TA!","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Collegiate Recovery","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "Writing Emails","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "Circle of Control","keywords": "Victoria (Tori) Alger","href": ""},{"name": "A Perfect College Decision","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "Don’t Overcomplicate, Use Keywords; Create Testing Domain","keywords": "Louis Latta","href": ""},{"name": "Staying Connected to Improve Mental Health","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "Need Help? Ask AeSC!","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "Ending the Generational Issues of Drugs","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Importance of Communication Skills","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "Office Hours 101","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "Why I’m Happy at WVU","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "Tips for Creating Better Flashcards","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "Ways to Reignite Your Happiness","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Get Involved","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "You Might Be a Great Fit For Addiction Studies at WVU","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "What It Means to be an American","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "How to Use Google Calendar","keywords": "Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris","href": ""},{"name": "First-Year Engineering Tutoring Resources","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "WVU - More Than A University","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "Working Hands to Work Your Mind ","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Involved at WVU","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Essential Steps for First Responders Treating Opioid Overdoses","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "A Change of Lens","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "Closed Captioning and Trimming on YouTube ","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "Accounting - The Major Everyone Needs","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? A Place in My Heart","keywords": "Rhy Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "How to Fight Burnout","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "The Importance of Embracing Diversity","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "A Perspective on Substance Addiction","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "Breaking Down Barriers","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "Understanding How to Obtain WVU Football Student Tickets","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU - Research Edition","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU - Exploding with People and Opportunities","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "The Dangers of Fentanyl Poisoning ","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "Get Your Foot in the Door: How to be Ready to Forge Connections!","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "The Gen Z Epidemic","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "Printing on a WVU Printer from a PC","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "From Mountaineer's Daughter to Mountaineer","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Sweat Out the Stress!","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "Signs of Addiction: Physical, Social & Behavioral, Emotional","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "The Start of a Legacy","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Give Reading Another Chance ","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "WVU LiveSafe App","keywords": "Meg Sorrells","href": ""},{"name": "Undergraduate Research - Discovery and Curiosity","keywords": "Morgan Glass","href": ""},{"name": "3 Ways to Make Friends on Campus","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "Resources for Recovery","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Family, Culture, Education","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "Mental Health @ WVU ","keywords": "James Lamp","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating WVU's eCampus","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Combatting Academic Validation","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "How to Get Involved with Research","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "Title IX Resources: A Primer","keywords": "James Lamp","href": ""},{"name": "How to Create a New Student Organization at WVU","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "WVU’s Industrial Engineering Program is a great choice to join.","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "Mountaineers Against Fentanyl","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "How to Add Closed Captions to a YouTube Video","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "AI in Education","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "Finding Off-Campus Housing","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Involved with the Research Apprenticeship Program (RAP)","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "Managing ADHD in College","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "WVU: The Place where I Belong","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "The Carruth Center: WVU’s Counseling and Psychological Services","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Avenues for Advocacy","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Reserving a Study Room at the Library","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Know your Strengths, Improve your Life","keywords": "Avery Conner","href": ""},{"name": "Why Choose Neuroscience as a Major?","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Why You Should Become an Honors Mentor","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Calliope: A Place to Get Published and Get Involved","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "Make Friends, Study Abroad, Document Activities","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for Performances","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "Dealing with Heartbreak in College","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "Couldn’t Say No to Country Roads ","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "What WV’s Political Swap Means","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "101-204: What is VHL?","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "Clifton Strengths: Success Through Self-Awareness","keywords": "Ella Holley","href": ""},{"name": "Why Join an ROTC Program?","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Army ROTC: How and Why to Get Involved","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "Find Your Niche, Find Your Passion, Find Your Style","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Campus Organizations and Why You Should Join Mine - Air Force ROTC","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "Sexual Health Tips to Know Before College","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "It's What You Make of It","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "My TEDxWVU Experience","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "Study, Make Friends, Work Hard ","keywords": "Melina McCabe","href": ""},{"name": "The Power of Gratitude and Being Present","keywords": "Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris","href": ""},{"name": "Keys to Academic Success in College","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "Control What You Can and Live in the Grey","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "WVU: Welcoming, Visioning, and Upstanding","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Being the Difference: Why Joining the Mountaineer Maniacs is Worth It!","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "Staying Safe at WVU ","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "A Virtual Kitchen Assistant: ChatGPT & Meal Planning","keywords": "Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris","href": ""},{"name": "Surviving Roommates","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "Why You Should Consider Joining Air Force ROTC","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Why not WVU?","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "Where to Find Contraception Resources in the Morgantown Community","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "Starting a New Student Organization at WVU","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Becoming a True Mountaineer","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "My First Year Experience at WVU","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "What Next? ","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "Three Things to Know About the Budget Deficit","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Around Morgantown","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "Media Literacy: Tips for Critical Consumption","keywords": "Ella Holley","href": ""},{"name": "Mountaineers are My Kind of People","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "Destressing for December: How to Mentally Prep for Exams","keywords": "James Lamp","href": ""},{"name": "My Sisters and Me! ","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "A Red State That Was Once a Democratic Stronghold","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "How Artificial Intelligence Will Define the Future of Higher Education","keywords": "Brandon Matthew Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "“You know, studies show...”","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Advantages of Therapy Dogs","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "Raise Your Voice: Join the Student Union","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "CliftonStrengths and Me","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "Uncover Your Strengths","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Food for Thought","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating The Rack Student Food Pantry","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "168 Hours: The Choice Is Yours","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Engaging with Discovery - Scientific Seminars on Campus","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "Service Dogs at WVU","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "Diversity Week at WVU","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "Campus Resources - Carruth Center, Career Services Center, testWELL","keywords": "Calllyn Zeigler","href": ""},{"name": "What I Wish My First Kitchen Had From The Start","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "From a Busy Summer to a Busy Semester: Navigating Class Without a Time to Slow Down","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Involved at WVU: A Beginner’s Guide","keywords": "Kelsey Clodfelter","href": ""},{"name": "Libby","keywords": "Ronalie Abeyratne","href": ""},{"name": "Outdoor Recreation of WVU","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Why Summer Research?","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "Zoom V. Face-to-Face","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "What's The Rack?","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "France: Comparative Law and Politics in Strasbourg","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "VoiceThread : The Ultimate Guide","keywords": "Isabella Ferrell","href": ""},{"name": "Country Roads, Take Me Home!","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Get Fit with Intramural Sports ","keywords": "Avery Conner","href": ""},{"name": "iServe for Student Organization Leaders","keywords": "Victoria (Tori) Alger","href": ""},{"name": "Finding a Research Lab","keywords": "Ronalie Abeyratne","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating Around WVU","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Why Everyone Should Have a Local Library Card","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "Becoming a Mountaineer","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Helpful Tips for College Students on a Fitness Journey","keywords": "Ella Holley","href": ""},{"name": "Part of Something Bigger","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "How to Apply for an SGA grant","keywords": "Victoria (Tori) Alger","href": ""},{"name": "Student Transportation Around WVU","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "Discovering New Passions","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "Crafting in College 101!","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Boundary Setting for. Balanced College Lifestyle","keywords": "Ella Holley","href": ""},{"name": "Relax, Refocus, and Reignite","keywords": "Victoria (Tori) Alger","href": ""},{"name": "West Virginia & Adventure WV","keywords": "Ryan Maiden","href": ""},{"name": "Studying Technique: Spaced Repetition","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "Finding My Community - WVU","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Smile!","keywords": "Isabella Ferrell","href": ""},{"name": "Handling Stress in College - Situational/Social Stress","keywords": "Maddi Bowers","href": ""},{"name": "How to Record on PowerPoint","keywords": "Liza Wan","href": ""},{"name": "Breaking: The Daily Athenaeum is Hiring!","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Find Your Cru","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "A Healthy Body Leads to a Healthy Mind","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "How to file your own taxes for FREE!","keywords": "Hnner Moore","href": ""},{"name": "Business Communication Center","keywords": "Cara Thomas","href": ""},{"name": "Honors EXCEL - An Accredited Approach to Passion Projects","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "The Way Back Home to West Virginia ","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "Why TA?","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "Self Care Tips for College Students","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "Career Services Center","keywords": "Louis Latta","href": ""},{"name": "A Day in the Life of a Davis College Student","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "My WVU Experience","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance WV","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "How to Utilize Campus Resources","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "Why You Should Major in Philosophy","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "Making the Best Use of Your College Experience BEFORE College","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "Explore the Student Government Association: Become an Apprentice!","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Mental Health: Deep Breathing Techniques, Meditation, and Yoga","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "How to Kick Start Your College Career","keywords": "Anthony Siler","href": ""},{"name": "Participating in the WVUteach Program as a Davis College Student","keywords": "Michael Fiala","href": ""},{"name": "First Time Living at WVU","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "To be a Mountaineer: The Spirit in WVU Football","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "Mental Reframing and Physical Activity: A Dual Approach to Student Mental Health","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Undergraduate Research","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "Expect the Unexpected, My Personal Experience at WVU","keywords": "Delaney Sedgley","href": ""},{"name": "Maintaining Relationships","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Overcoming Imposter Sydrome","keywords": "Katilyn Hepler","href": ""},{"name": "Spicing up Study Habits","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "You Are Not a Fraud: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome","keywords": "Avery Conner","href": ""},{"name": "Finding Yourself at WVU ","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for College Exams - Don’t Cram, Use Study Guides, Review Exam","keywords": "Seth Fields","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating Office Hours at WVU","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "The Importance of Leading by Example","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Handling Stress in College - Change Scenery, Exercise, Friends, Carruth Center","keywords": "Seth Fields","href": ""},{"name": "How I take advantage of the Student Recreational Center","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "Housing Selection","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Learning a Foreign Language","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "Caring for Your Mental Health as a Leader","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "Peer Advice: Get Involved!","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "College or Career?","keywords": "Michael Fiala","href": ""},{"name": "How to Stay Focused In and Out of Class","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "Ask for help!","keywords": "Delaney Sedgley","href": ""},{"name": "Coming to College as a Survivor","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "Go Greek!","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "How to Study Like a College Student","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "Calm in the Storm: Best Places to Study on Campus at WVU","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "The Importance of Volunteering","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Let's Get Physical!","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Meet the Center for Black Culture","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "One of These Things is Not Like the Other","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "My 48 Hour Film Project Experience","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "How Can I Help?","keywords": "Michael Fiala","href": ""},{"name": "Debunking University Life","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "The PRT","keywords": "Seth Fields","href": ""},{"name": "Connect with Professors and Mentors; Be Well!","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "Being Kind to Yourself While Staying Motivated","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "Student Orgs","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "How to Print a Poster","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Endless Opportunities ","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Optimizing Your Mental Well-Being","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "Building Support Networks","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "Welcome Week, Independence & Community Work","keywords": "Anthony Siler","href": ""},{"name": "Libraries and Student Wellness","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "How to Find Your Dream School","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "When You're in a Funk","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "DSP at WVU: World's Foremost Business Fraternity","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "Welcome to WVU! Mountaineer Values","keywords": "Melina McCabe","href": ""},{"name": "Accessing Library Guides at WVU","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "College Conversations: Change, Challenges, and Community","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Country Roads Took Me Home","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "Beyond the Classroom (Student Organizations, YouTube, Internships)","keywords": "Louis Latta","href": ""},{"name": "Being a Mountaineer and Mountaineer Values","keywords": "Allie Satterfield","href": ""},{"name": "My Experience Double Majoring at WVU","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "Choosing WVU as an In-State Student","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "Spending Time Outdoors and Mental Health","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "Why to Engage With College Professors","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "Feeling More Complete","keywords": "Louis Latta","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for an Academic Conference","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Lifelong Friendships and a Network of Connections","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Managing Stress as a Student","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "My Role as a Student Ambassador for the College of Applied Human Sciences","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "Making Perfect Practice ","keywords": "Isaac McCarthy","href": ""},{"name": "'Deconstructing a Disordered Culture","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Healthy Gut, Healthy Mind","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Involved on Campus","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "Becoming Well-Rounded Adults","keywords": "Seth Fields","href": ""},{"name": "WVU’s Career Services & Handshake ","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Love at Second Sight","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "Healthy Relationships 101 - Learning to Love Better","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "WVU's Best Kept Secret: The Presidential Student Ambassador Program","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "Reflect on Mountaineer Values","keywords": "Liz Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for My MCAT: Where Should I Begin?","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? The Passion","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Handling Stress in College - Organize, Socialize, Focus on the Present","keywords": "Louis Latta","href": ""},{"name": "Find the Right Organization","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "Welcome to WVU! Discover Your Independence!","keywords": "Callyn Zeigler","href": ""},{"name": "Understanding Your Major Before College Starts! The Catalog","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? A Perfect Fit","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "What is Sleep Hygiene?","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Involved","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "The Meal Plan: Explained","keywords": "Matthew Hudson","href": ""},{"name": "Adding a Major (or Two!)","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Connecting Yourself to a New World","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "Tips to Improve Mental Health on Campus","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "Your Professors Are Your Support","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "How to Choose a Roommate","keywords": "Piper Cook","href": ""},{"name": "Office Hours are Your Hours!","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "WVU: My Garden for Growth","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "Naturally Improving Mental Health: 5 Tips","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "Student Orgs and Getting involved","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Healthy Study Habits","keywords": "Savannah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Opportunities, People, and Pride","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Handling Homesickness","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "Why You Need to Get Involved in Community Service","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "Tutoring at WVU","keywords": "Victoria Alger","href": ""},{"name": "What I Wish I Knew Before My Freshman Year","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "Work Life Balance","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "Connecting with the WVU Staff","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "Research Across Disciplines: Conducting Research in the Humanities at WVU","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "Financial Aid for Dummies","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "Handling Stress in College - Plan, Take Breaks, Maintain Mental Health","keywords": "Allie Satterfield","href": ""},{"name": "Benefis of HSTA Alumni Association","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "Build Your Schedule!","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? I Knew I Could Call This Place Home","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "Avoiding Crisis Pregnancy Centers ","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "Benefits of Joining the Honors College","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "Time Management: Helpful Strategies and Advice","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "RAP as a Humanities Major","keywords": "Julia Leyden","href": ""},{"name": "Advice to High School Students","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "Breaks, Routine, Work Ahead, Seek Help","keywords": "Anthony Siler","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Baseball Behind the Scenes","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Dorm Packing List Essentials","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? The Experience of a Lifetime","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "Stress Relief Activities while Attending College","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Student Government Association","keywords": "Sarah Zanabli","href": ""},{"name": "How to Efficiently Apply for Internships","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "What I Wish I Knew Going Into College","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "Study, Get Involved, Maintain Mental Health","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "We Are Each Other's Best Allies: Supporting the WVU LGBTQIA+ Community","keywords": "Ella Holley","href": ""},{"name": "How to Prepare for Medical School at WVU","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Enjoy the Process!","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "Succeed First with Student Success Services","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "Fostering Community Through Mountaineer Meetups","keywords": "Mackenzie Brolly","href": ""},{"name": "A Double Major Dual Degree to Balance Passions","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? A Sense of Community","keywords": "Jude Platz","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for Flu Season","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Using WVU Engage as a Student Organization Leader","keywords": "Mia Hang","href": ""},{"name": "Why You Should Go To WVU","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "Ways to Cope with Stress as a Mountaineer","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "A Tour of the PSA Website","keywords": "Liam Risk","href": ""},{"name": "Searching for a Major: A Davis College Student Perspective ","keywords": "Michael Fiala","href": ""},{"name": "Walking into the World of Research","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Excitement and Exhilaration - Absolutely Extraordinary!","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "Tips for Success During Covid-19","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "SGA Grants for Clubs ","keywords": "Victoria (Tori) Alger","href": ""},{"name": "Getting the Most Out of Your GEF Courses","keywords": "Jillian Blair","href": ""},{"name": "A Mountaineer's Advice to Pre-meds","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "Organize, Leave Your Room, Make Friends","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "Mental Health and Staying Physically Active","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "What's It Like Being in the PSA Program?","keywords": "Ronalie Abeyratne","href": ""},{"name": "Why Management Information Systems?","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Career Related Advice and Experience at WVU","keywords": "Rushik Patel","href": ""},{"name": "Research Colleges, Study, Remember Your Roots","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "Managing Test Anxiety","keywords": "Liza Wan","href": ""},{"name": "Making a Difference the Mountaineer Way","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "Army ROTC Commitment","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? Closer to the Heavens","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Just Breathe: Dealing With Your Busy Schedule","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "Goals and Habit Trackers","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "Tips for a ROTC MS1 Cadet","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Dual Credit Courses, Organization, Financial Aid","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "Navigating Spring Semester: Beat the Winter Blues","keywords": "Avery Conner","href": ""},{"name": "Study Hard or Study Smart?","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Self-Care, Organization, Try New Things","keywords": "Allie Satterfield","href": ""},{"name": "Managing Mental Health as a College Student","keywords": "Mia Hang","href": ""},{"name": "At Your Fingertips","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "How to Be Successful in School","keywords": "Piper Cook","href": ""},{"name": "Unplanned Encounter","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Addiction is Not a Personal Problem","keywords": "Amaira Palmer","href": ""},{"name": "What is Adventure WV?","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "Beckman Scholars Program ","keywords": "Zachary Ellis","href": ""},{"name": "Why Should We be Concerned About Our Health Literacy","keywords": "Amaira Palmer","href": ""},{"name": "How to Get Through Finals","keywords": "Michael DiBacco","href": ""},{"name": "Why I Am a Mountaineer","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "The Benefit of a College Companion","keywords": "Erin Skaff","href": ""},{"name": "Where You Can Find a Mentor","keywords": "Olivia Dowler","href": ""},{"name": "Pre-Medical Advice","keywords": "Grant DuVall","href": ""},{"name": "Why I Recommend WVU","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "How to Change a Life as a Mountaineer","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "Tips for Successful Goal Setting","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "Turning a Dream into a Reality","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "Summer Opportunities - The AGE-ADAR Scholars Program","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "How to Manage your Time as a College Student","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "My West Virginia University Experience","keywords": "Sarah Warder","href": ""},{"name": "How to Get the Most out of Your College Experience","keywords": "Alexandra Benyola","href": ""},{"name": "Academic Resources: Success","keywords": "","href": ""},{"name": "WVU: The University that Changed My Life","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "Resources 'Round Here: The Monongalia County Health Department","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "Finding Your Home Among the Hills","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "A Deeper Look Into WVU Resources","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? A Rewarding and Responsible Decision","keywords": "George Harris","href": ""},{"name": "WVUp All Night","keywords": "Alexandra Watson","href": ""},{"name": "How to Plan Your College Courses at WVU","keywords": "Liza Wan","href": ""},{"name": "Why College Shouldn't Scare You: Tips to HS Students About College","keywords": "George Harris","href": ""},{"name": "Keeping West Virginia “Wild and Wonderful”","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "How to Swing Back When You're Falling Behind","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU? A Special Place in My Heart","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "Exploring Country Roads","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "Join the Honors College!","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Get Involved: Engage!","keywords": "Victoria (Tori) Alger","href": ""},{"name": "A Minor Change ","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "Why You Should Apply to the Honors College","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "How I Chose WVU","keywords": "Taylor Flowers","href": ""},{"name": "Leaving Your Freshman Year and the Dorms, Where to Next? WVU Apartments","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "Diversifying Your Course Load","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "WVU’s Role in Restoring Opportunity","keywords": "Brandon Matthew Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "Feeling Stuck","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Time Management and the Importance of Keeping a Schedule","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "My WVU Experience","keywords": "Carter Michael Leadmon","href": ""},{"name": "How to Achieve Your Goals","keywords": "Robert Gianniny","href": ""},{"name": "Wvu's Impact on Me","keywords": "Hunner Moore","href": ""},{"name": "Leading from the Heart ","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Why I Chose Business Management","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "Why Everyone is a Good Fit for WVU","keywords": "Amaira Palmer","href": ""},{"name": "The Mountaineer State of Mind ","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "Diversifying Your Courseload","keywords": "Emma LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Finding Your Place to Study: My Top 5","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "Top Five Locations to Use Your Dining Dollars in WVU","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for College Exams - The Basics, Test Layout, Clean Workspace","keywords": "Ashley LInder","href": ""},{"name": "State Park Sightseeing","keywords": "Isabella Ferrell","href": ""},{"name": "Bringing Common Sense to Your Social MEdia ","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "Language Requuirements","keywords": "Ryan Maiden","href": ""},{"name": "You Should Always Join the Honors College","keywords": "Victoria (Tori) Alger","href": ""},{"name": "Get to Class! ","keywords": "Lilah Coe","href": ""},{"name": "How to Pick a Major","keywords": "Randy McFarland","href": ""},{"name": "How We Talk to Ourselves Matters","keywords": "Taylor Flowers","href": ""},{"name": "Work Hard, Play Hard ","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "Advice For Final Exams","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "Tips for Avoiding Overcommitment in College - 2","keywords": "Ella Holley","href": ""},{"name": "RAP and SURE Boosting your Academic Profile","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "Cultivating a Growth Mindset","keywords": "Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris","href": ""},{"name": "An Updated Guide to WVU’s Dining Services ","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "I Need Help With Theory - Where to Find Tutors","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "How to Form Chamber Groups","keywords": "Isaac Price","href": ""},{"name": "Career Outcomes for English Majors","keywords": "Jordan Pugh","href": ""},{"name": "The First 18 Hours","keywords": "Alex Pfeffer","href": ""},{"name": "the Importance of Vision Boards","keywords": "Camila Romero","href": ""},{"name": "ASPIRE Office","keywords": "Devin Price","href": ""},{"name": "Multi-Media Equipment: WVU Libraries","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "What Makes the World Go Round: Passion","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "A Multitude of Campus Resources at WVU","keywords": "Allie Satterfield","href": ""},{"name": "Tips on How to Balance Your College Experience","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for College Exams - Good Notes, Study in Advance, Good Space","keywords": "Allie Satterfield","href": ""},{"name": "Balancing Your College Life","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Why WVU Students Should Consider the Unique Educational Experience of an MDS Degree","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "Getting Outside in Morgantown: The Best Outdoor Spots for Students","keywords": "Lilah Coe","href": ""},{"name": "Study Smarter…Not Harder","keywords": "Liz Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "How To Manage Your Time Effectively","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "Learning to Work Together","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "Learning About The Resources Available To You","keywords": "Gabriel Tobias","href": ""},{"name": "ENGAGEment on Campus","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Time Management in College","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "The History Behind Our Traditions","keywords": "Emma Adams","href": ""},{"name": "Never Worry About a Meal at WVU","keywords": "Max Bingman","href": ""},{"name": "Self-Confidence and Work Ethic","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "Business Majors, Listen Up!","keywords": "Emily Mago","href": ""},{"name": "How To Be an Effective Media Mountaineer","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "Avoiding Ticket Scalpers and Scams","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "The Power Breakdown in the Classroom","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Preparing for Exams - Study, Honor Code, Environment, Time Management","keywords": "Callyn Zeigler","href": ""},{"name": "Mountains of Tradition","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "Exams: Organize, Start Early, Get Help, Find a Balance","keywords": "Anthony Siler","href": ""},{"name": "The History of the PRT","keywords": "Lilah Coe","href": ""},{"name": "Importance of Time Management","keywords": "Sam Cyphert","href": ""},{"name": "Progressing into Project 168","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "60 Days in Charleston","keywords": "Azeem Khan","href": ""},{"name": "Handshake: Creating a Career After Graduation","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "Applied Perseverance with a Presidential Student Ambassador","keywords": "Connor LaBombard","href": ""},{"name": "Ice Advice for WVU Students","keywords": "Thomas Williams","href": ""},{"name": "ZOOM vs. Face-to-Face","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "WVU IT Services","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "The Heart of West Virginia University","keywords": "Mary Roush","href": ""},{"name": "Getting the Stats with Statista ","keywords": "Robert Mente","href": ""},{"name": "My Journey with AdventureWV","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "Using My CliftonStrengths Assessment as a Tool for Success","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "CliftonStrengths – Taking a Closer Look","keywords": "Lucas Graham","href": ""},{"name": "Balancing Your Schedule","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "Don't Fuss - Take a Bus!","keywords": "Laya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Make the Most of Your Study Time: My Top 3 Study Spots Near Downtown Campus","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "Why I Love Working for Adventure WV","keywords": "Liza Wan","href": ""},{"name": "My Freshman Year Experience: Discovering My Passion and Support System","keywords": "Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris","href": ""},{"name": "Keeping Your Eyes and Ears Open ","keywords": "Reese Allen","href": ""},{"name": "Why Taking the Bus is More Efficient at WVU","keywords": "Ronalie Abeyratne","href": ""},{"name": "Lead Better than the Movies!","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "#VISITWVU","keywords": "Lauren Marquart","href": ""},{"name": "Having An Effective Recharge","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "Applications: Where to Start?","keywords": "Riley Klug","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Recreational Center","keywords": "Ronalie Abeyratne","href": ""},{"name": "Making a Plan of Study: Tips, Tools, and Tricks","keywords": "Kelsey Clodfelter","href": ""},{"name": "Weekends in Morgantown","keywords": "Gabrielle Frazier","href": ""},{"name": "The Ultimate Guide to WVU Study Spots","keywords": "Liam Risk","href": ""},{"name": "Participate in Class; Be Kind and Patient","keywords": "Cara Thomas","href": ""},{"name": "Consent: A Primer","keywords": "James Lamp","href": ""},{"name": "Mountaineer Hidden Bucket List (Five Things to Do!)","keywords": "Maddi Bowers","href": ""},{"name": "Exploring Morgantown's Greenspaces","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "Make Time to Explore","keywords": "Kayley Brinegar","href": ""},{"name": "Discovering Your Passion","keywords": "Jacob Payne","href": ""},{"name": "Outdoor Recreation at WVU","keywords": "Lowell Parascandola","href": ""},{"name": "Organize, Speak Up, Motivate","keywords": "Callyn Zeigler","href": ""},{"name": "The College Kitchen on a Budget","keywords": "Sophia Flower","href": ""},{"name": "So I Bought A Hammock: What Do I Do Now?","keywords": "Emma Fleming","href": ""},{"name": "Organize, Bus APP, PRT, Take Breaks","keywords": "Seth Fields","href": ""},{"name": "Embarking on the Search for Parking","keywords": "Laasya Chennuru","href": ""},{"name": "Tips for the Freshman Year - Planning & Research","keywords": "Seth Fields","href": ""},{"name": "Is Social Media a Friend or Foe of Generation Z?","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Exemplifying Core Mountaineer Values as a WVU Student","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Alleviating Burnout in College","keywords": "Madalena Daugherty","href": ""},{"name": "Creating Something New","keywords": "Aubrey Cumberledge","href": ""},{"name": "Day Tips for Those New to WVU","keywords": "Davis Funk","href": ""},{"name": "Community: What Makes WVU Stand Out","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Looking Ahead: WVU Career Services Center","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "Hints for Eating Healthy on a College Budget","keywords": "Caitlyn Kinsey","href": ""},{"name": "How to Vote in West Virginia","keywords": "James Lamp","href": ""},{"name": "Campus Resources - Tutoring","keywords": "Ashley Linder","href": ""},{"name": "What I Wish I Had Known My Freshman Year","keywords": "Carson Neiswender","href": ""},{"name": "WVU Library's Student Resources","keywords": "Justin Riggs","href": ""},{"name": "Learning to Pivot","keywords": "Jenna Sergent","href": ""},{"name": "Affair of the Art","keywords": "Lauren Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "An Escape Room","keywords": "Liz Sexton","href": ""},{"name": "Leave Your Comfort Zone","keywords": "Anthony Siler","href": ""},{"name": "Tutoring, Professors, Carruth Center","keywords": "Anthony Siler","href": ""},{"name": "College Credit Courses, Activities, Advisors and Teachers","keywords": "Ateria Walker","href": ""},{"name": "A New Student's Travel Guide of WVU","keywords": "Rhyanna Wiethe","href": ""},{"name": "The Power of Pronouncing Names","keywords": "Elijah Jones","href": ""},{"name": "Outdoor/Recreational Locations for WVU Students to Explore ","keywords": "Zachary Machinga","href": ""},{"name": "Degree Pursuance","keywords": "Liam Risk","href": ""},{"name": "Mini Golf Must-Sees","keywords": "Isabella Ferrell","href": ""},{"name": "What Dorm Should I Live In At WVU?","keywords": "Delaney Sedgley","href": ""},{"name": "What is Chinese Lunar New Year?","keywords": "Liza Wan","href": ""},{"name": "How To: Become a Tour Guide at WVU","keywords": "Janie Prunty","href": ""},{"name": "The Value of a College Job","keywords": "Erin Skaff","href": ""},{"name": "Securing an Internship","keywords": "Mary-Katherine (MK) Morris","href": ""},{"name": "Overcoming Gymtimidation: How to Get Started in the Gym","keywords": "Avery Conner","href": ""},{"name": "Honors Contracting a Course at WVU","keywords": "Delaney Sedgley","href": ""},{"name": "The Mountaineer’s Legacy: How the Beloved Mascot Came to Be","keywords": "Mackenzie Brolly","href": ""},{"name": "How To Be A Well Informed Voter","keywords": "Taylor Flowers","href": ""},{"name": "The Key to Off-Campus Living","keywords": "Mia Hang","href": ""},{"name": "Morgantown Parking Guide","keywords": "Carter Michael Leadmon","href": ""},{"name": "How to Find Your Purpose at WVU","keywords": "Janie Prunty","href": ""}]

About the PSAs

Members of the PSA Speakers Bureau speak on a variety of topics in order to educate future and current students, faculty and staff, alumni and families.