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Cohort 5 - Spring 2021

Presidential Student Ambassadors are student leaders who exemplify Mountaineer values. They come from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines, yet they are united in their passion to make a positive impact on and for West Virginia University.

  • Kayley Brinegar


    Though close to home, I had very little exposure to Morgantown. However, I discovered upon visiting that the WVU campus is beautiful and the people are welcoming. There’s something about WV folks that you don’t find in more urban areas. I also realized how close Morgantown is to some magical places. Spots like Coopers Rock, Canaan Valley, Dolly Sods… the natural beauty here is underappreciated. Seeing areas like these helped me realize that you don’t need to make a cross-country trip to experience that sense of awe that can be found in the great outdoors. It’s already here. So when it came down to it, the homey feel combined with the sense of adventure is what convinced me to stay in the state.

  • Aubrey Cumberledge

    Why did you choose WVU?

    For me, WVU was always on my list of potential colleges, but it was never the goal. Unfortunately, I did let the reputation as a party school cloud my judgement until I started looking into what the school was beyond the rumors I’d heard. WVU isn’t all parties and football; it’s rigorous academics, an Honors College, and an R1 institute. At WVU, I felt I could foster my academic growth, take part in groundbreaking research even as a freshman, and find likeminded individuals who would become lifelong friends. And I think my big ‘aha!’ moment was the internship I participated in the summer before my freshman year. Staying in the dorms with my fellow interns, working in an actual lab for two weeks, and just exploring the campus made me realize that WVU is my home.

  • Davis Funk

    Why did you choose WVU?

    I have lived in West Virginia all my life, and I was already very familiar with WVU through attending several events with my family. So, for me, WVU seemed like a natural fit, and it felt like a place where I would be happy and a place where I could succeed.

  • George B. Harris V

    Why did you choose WVU?

    WVU is the only institution in the United States that offers a four-year integrated dental hygiene program, doing so in a small-scale, selective environment that incorporates an emphasis on rural health to achieve the best learning experience possible. In addition to that, WVU provides the opportunity of a high-quality education at a reasonable cost with a location not far from home.

  • Katilyn Hepler

    Why did you choose WVU?

    As an indecisive high school senior, I went on over a dozen college campus tours – but as cliché as it sounds, WVU was the only university where I really felt at home. I was impressed by the student body’s Mountaineer Pride, and immediately knew that I wanted to be a part of it. In addition to WVU’s welcoming atmosphere, I was drawn in by the engineering college’s cybersecurity program and the opportunities it would offer me through undergraduate research, student work, and scholarships.

  • Matthew Hudson

    Why did you choose WVU?

    After attending a Decide WVU Day, I found my “dream school” with a major, Immunology and Medical Microbiology, that is offered at very few other schools. Any stereotypes and misconceptions of WVU quickly dissipated after touring campus. An R1 research institution, a selective major, and a rapidly expanding Health Sciences Campus were some of the deciding factors for me. Now, as I continue my studies in preparation for medical school, I know exactly where I want to go: WVU School of Medicine.

  • Carson Neiswender

    Why did you choose WVU?

    For the Air Force ROTC program, and the many amazing resources they have to offer.

  • Rushik Patel

    Why did you choose WVU?

    Growing up in West Virginia my whole life, I knew that WVU was a university I wanted to attend. When talking to upperclassmen, they were always captivated by the opportunities they had at WVU and the ability to pursue their dreams at the university. As I grew older and obtained the opportunity to visit campus for myself, I was fascinated by the university’s commitment to inclusion and diversity and the large demographic of people that were on campus. I was also immersed to the university’s vast student organizations, where I found a variety of clubs that I wanted to be a part of. Most of all, everyone was proud to be a Mountaineer and I knew that I wanted to be a part of this community.

  • Devin Price

    Why did you choose WVU?

    About two years ago when I began to really consider my college options, I was enthralled to research universities like Notre Dame and Princeton, both of which were high on my list for desirable institutions of higher education. However, the more I looked at all of these amazing universities, a part of me became slightly saddened at the thought of leaving the beautiful state that I was born and raised in – West Virginia, a place that I am convinced has some of the most kind and resolute people in the world. And then I had a realization: I was not ready to leave behind the country roads that I grew up on just yet. So, I began to seriously look into WVU, and after touring and discussing this option with WVU alumni, I came to the conclusion that West Virginia University is the culmination of all that makes our state wild and wonderful. From having the most excellent academics in our state, to the vast array of activities, and the immense West Virginia pride that forms the bedrock of the WVU community, I knew that I could not be anything other than a Mountaineer.

  • Gabriel Tobias

    Why did you choose WVU?

    I chose WVU because the first time I visited I met with some engineering professors that were extremely helpful and immediately made me feel welcomed. In addition, WVU school had a great campus and atmosphere for its students.