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Robert Gianniny

PSA student Robert Gianniny standing outside in front of an autumn tree smiling at camera.


I chose WVU because of the opportunities and culture. As a West Virginia native I grew up hearing about the amazing student projects, research opportunities, and career paths. After taking a closer look I also learned about the supportive nature of the entire community, and I was sold ever since. I felt that WVU provided me the space to grow, all while offering the right guidance when I needed it.

What is the BEST reason to attend WVU?

The best reason to attend WVU is the fact that you will never be alone. The people here are the most welcoming group I’ve ever met, and they are always ready to help. Whether you need some extra help in class, or want to learn how to rock climb next week, there are always people who want to see you excel! College can seem like a very big place at times, but the people here always make it feel like home. 

What is your favorite Mountaineer memory?

While the list is ever-growing, my favorite Mountaineer memory as of now is receiving an email from my Production Planning and Control professor. He was one of the toughest professors I’ve ever had, and the class material required exceptional effort. I would work one on one with him after nearly every class, and he was truly an amazing mentor as well as professor. He wrote me an email one day to specifically acknowledge this hard work, and thanked me for my participation. The fact that he not only gave me the tools to succeed, but also recognized my results was one of the most rewarding academic experiences I have ever had. 

Why did you want to become a PSA?

I wanted to become a PSA simply out of a love for the institution that has provided me so much. As I became more engaged around campus, I realized how empowering it is to be a Mountaineer. The idea of being able to promote this message along with other amazing students was a dream come true.

What did you learn from the PSA experience?

The PSA experience provided me with key leadership tools, as well as guidance towards applying them with purpose. In addition to bolstering my public speaking skills, the PSA experience exposed me to diverse perspectives that fostered a more holistic style of leadership. I have been able to leverage this knowledge across many groups throughout WVU and share our success stories through the PSA platform to inspire others. In short, I am forever grateful for the skills and connections gained from this experience.