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Isaac Price

PSA student Isaac Price standing outside in front of a tree smiling at camera.


I chose WVU because of the influence from my friends and family as well as the strong family atmosphere that surrounds WVU. I was also impressed by the history of academic and personal success presented by the alumni of this wonderful institution.

What is the BEST reason to attend WVU?

West Virginia University provides this sense of community and family that is uncommonly rare at an institution of this size. All 30,000 of us are one big family committed to helping each other reach our maximum potential. 

What is your favorite Mountaineer memory?

 I remember the first WVU football game that I ever performed for with the Mountaineer Marching Band. The crowd was ecstatic, the team was hyped, and there was an explosion of energy and excitement as we ran out of the tunnel. That was an experience I will never forget. 

Why did you want to become a PSA?

I am always looking for opportunities to speak to new people and promote the fine institution of West Virginia University. If I can play a small part in encouraging young talent to further their education at my school, I will do it.

What did you learn from the PSA experience?

This semester, I have grown immensely as a musician, a leader, and an individual. An additional weakness that I have been known to have as a leader is my inability to relate to others. I was always the student who went to school with a low-grade fever when other students stayed home because they sneezed. I also have had trouble in the past with understanding people with mental health issues. Depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorder, and other mental health challenges have always been foreign concepts to me because I have never experienced them. This has made it difficult to be empathetic to people in the past, but I am proud to say that I believe I have improved greatly in thinking more about what someone is going through before jumping to conclusions about their personality traits or work ethic.

I am excited to continue leading and serving during the remaining time in college and beyond. I want to continue giving music lessons because it is something that I am good at and really enjoy. My hope is to expand my ability to teach instrumental music to other skills such as choir and elementary general music. This way I can serve in more classroom settings and become more well-rounded in the musical field.