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Jude Platz

PSA Student Jude Platz standing in front of a tree.


I chose WVU because the university felt like home when I visited, and it offered a wide range of environmental programs for an affordable cost.

What is the BEST reason to attend WVU?

West Virginia University is such an awesome school because it offers the resources and opportunities of a huge school while maintaining a small school feeling because of how great the student community is.

What is your favorite Mountaineer memory?

My favorite Mountaineer memory is sledding down the hill behind Woodburn Hall with my friends after having classes cancelled for two days because of a snowstorm.

Why did you want to become a PSA?

I wanted to become a PSA because it allows me to represent WVU and share my amazing personal experiences with this university with other students and prospective students.

What did you learn from the PSA experience?

Overall, this class was extremely beneficial to developing myself both as a student and as a leader. This was one of very few courses that I genuinely looked forward to attending every week. In addition to making me more versatile and a better communicator, this class boosted my leadership skills by encouraging me to seek out leadership positions. I now actively search for opportunities to volunteer or step up as a leader so that I can continue to develop the skills I have learned in this class. Most importantly, the topics and expertise we gained from this class will be applicable for our entire working lives. Leadership is a skill that will always be in high demand, but so are the various other skills we learned like resume building, dining etiquette, and negotiating salary. Although this class was certainly able to take my leadership skills a long way, now that I am nearing the end of the semester, I realize that I still have a lot of room for improvement. I look forward to continuing to grow as a leader, and I am excited to see what other experiences I will gain by participating in the Presidential Student Ambassadors Program.