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Jordan Nicole Pugh

PSA student Jordan Pugh standing outside in front of a tree


As a West Virginia resident, WVU’s cost effective in-state tuition and financial aid support drew me to consider attending. Visiting the campus affirmed my decision to choose WVU. The preservation and pride in Appalachian history conveyed through the campus drew me to this university. Choosing WVU felt like coming home.

What is the BEST reason to attend WVU?

 The cultural diversity and inclusivity initiatives at WVU encourage an integrated learning environment. WVU has allowed me to expand my worldview by interacting with and befriending people with unique backgrounds and perspectives.

What is your favorite Mountaineer memory?

The 2018 Mountaineer football season opener in Charlotte, NC against the Tennessee Vols was my first WVU game as a student. My family and friends rented a party bus to go cheer the team on. Walking into the Carolina Panthers stadium, it amazed me to see the number of Mountaineers who travelled so far to support their team. It was in that moment I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to be a part of the WVU family. We brought home the win in Charlotte and “Country Roads” filled the stadium, as all the Mountaineers in attendance locked arms and swayed in elation! The pride that our community and students have in this institution is remarkable, and the hope this university instills in its students, alumni, and fans is unlike any other.

Why did you want to become a PSA?

I bleed blue and gold and am enthusiastic about instilling that spirit into others through social media outreach, speech-giving, and leading through example with honesty, passion, and professionalism always in mind! I have a voice; therefore, it is my job to critique the world. It would be an injustice to society for me to remain silent.

What did you learn from the PSA experience?

I have grown tremendously as a leader this semester through service, speech-giving, and leadership events. Listening to the stories and experiences of individuals who have achieved remarkable feats and the strife they overcame to achieve those goals was unbelievably inspiring. The Certified Student Leader Program and PSA Cohort have given me a toolkit to effectively lead and serve, and I am excited to continue my path of leadership and service in the Speakers’ Bureau. This peculiar semester has made me adaptable and persistent, and I can apply these skills to my future leadership and service endeavors. My community involvement has increased tenfold, and this service experience was truly humbling. My service impact from this semester alone values to almost 1,000 dollars, to put it into perspective. Empowering individuals who are denied access to education has made me more cognizant of my privilege. A mixture of the Transformational and Servant Leadership Styles was most suitable for my service activities this semester, but I will adapt my leadership approach to suit my audience and environment, as needed.