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Morgan Glass

Presidential student Ambassador, Morgan Glass


I chose WVU because of my love for the pride and family feel this university holds while also offering boundless opportunities and the mindset that “mountaineers go first.” I value everything WVU and its people represent: hard work and perseverance, respect and kindness, curiosity and passion.

  • What is the BEST reason to attend WVU? 

The BEST reason to attend WVU is to keep the strong feeling of home and community while still gaining a unique college experience where you can have some amazing opportunities!

  • What is your favorite Mountaineer memory?

My favorite mountaineer memory was watching our 2018 football team beat Texas in excellent come-back fashion and then singing Country Roads with everyone else watching from in the Mountainlair.

  • Why did you want to become a Presidential Student Ambassador? 

I wanted to become a Presidential Student Ambassador because I’ve genuinely loved my time as a mountaineer so far and this program gives me a platform to share the amazing experiences I’ve had, made possible by WVU.  I wanted the chance to represent this university that believes in and cares so deeply about its students and community. I wanted to play a part in celebrating this university’s successes and continuing in its excellence. 

  • What did you learn from the PSA experience?  

I learned that leadership is at its core effective communication, passion, and the confidence and character that translates to inspiration and motivation of a team.  I learned that public speaking and leadership are skills like any other that can be developed through persistent work and the correct tools.  Overall, the lessons I learned about this university, student leadership, diversity and inclusion, and effective